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Are there any carbon free renewable energy sources

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I would be intersted to know if there are any non carbon free renewable energy source available yet.

Perspectives from engineers and chemists would be particularly interesting.

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  • exconexcon 67 Pts   -  

    Hello all:

    Sure:    Solar energy is a renewable, carbon-free resource available in every geographic region in the world..


  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  

    I know once the solor panel is created it reases no carbon emmissions. 

    It is in the production of the panel that is not carbon free.  Do you know how much carbon emmissions are released in the production of the componets used to create the solar panels?
  • ThorThor 193 Pts   -   edited April 4

    So you think completely carbon free source is even possible?

    Carbon is one of the most important element, there is a whole branch of chemistry known as Organic Chemistry focused on it.

    Tidal energy, Wind energy, Solar energy can be completely carbon free, our goal is to decrease carbon imprint from our earth because the coal, fossil fuels leads to release in toxic gases, so we need to just stop cutting trees, so they trap CO2 and temperature of earth doesn’t increase more. And thus we need to use renewable source of energy.

    We need to decrease carbon imprint and yes once solar panels are made, they release no carbon but if they would have left if any carbon emissions during their manufacturing then they would be compensated by trees, they are a much better option to fossil fuels.
  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  

    You said>>>So you think completely carbon free source is even possible?

    I think a completely carbon free source is not available.

    I also think that politicians that say a 0 emmissions is possible have not put any real thought behind their claims or are just blowing smoke up peoples behind.

    Yes the solar and windmill offer a carbon free way of collecting energy but are some what unreliable.  Also, we know that there are some environmental impacts caused by these devices and I have yet to see a study on the full impact.
  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  

    My husband also informs me that anything ptoduced that is electronic not only needs carbon based sources to produce but also create green house gasses and some type of chemical waste.
  • AlofRIAlofRI 1361 Pts   -  
    The manufacture of carbon-free sources is unavoidable at this time. Totally carbon-free systems are not the point at this time! It's "working toward carbon-free" that is important! Once we get to a certain point carbon will be largely unimportant! Right now we have to reduce carbon "as quickly as possible by every means available"! It's impossible, given our dependence on it, to just "shut it off". Stop being so picky about technicalities and worry about the real problem!
  • ThorThor 193 Pts   -  

    Completely carbon free source is not possible but the energy sources like solar, tidal etc are said as carbon free energy source because leaves negligible carbon compared to fossil fuels. So you can consider it is not even 1% of what fossil fuels produce.

    Well, politician would have meant that they are moving your country to zero carbon emissions. The carbon emissions from renewable sources can’t be considered when it is compared to fossil fuels.

    Yes your husband is not wrong, it does produce some chemical and green house gases during its manufacturing, but they are negligible compared to what we have now(petrol, diesel, coal). The waste produced from renewable energy is not a problem, because they can replace coal etc, which is the main advantage.

    So any day renewable sources are the best alternatives. 
  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  
    So in your opinion which are the best options? 
    Also, is cutting off the US's carbon manufacturing abilities the best move until technology figures out away to produce these products carbon free? 

    Is penalty taxes on carbon uses the best move right now?
  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  
    What is tidal?
  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  
    I am genuinely interested to know what the trade off's are. 
    I am curious to know if we are trading off from one damaging source for another as in bioenergy plants.@AlofRI @Thor
  • ThorThor 193 Pts   -  

    It is an energy produced from the movement of tides.

    To understand it in detail, see this:-
  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  

    I finally looked it up.  While there are very few environmental studies done there are certain types that seem to be the best and safest to the environment source of alternative energy.  Thanks
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