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Sports Management As A Career?

Debate Information

Hi Everyone!

I know usually people plan to make a career as a sportsman or athlete, but I noticed that people associated with sports management are also very successful in their fields. Whenever I talk with people about a career in sports management, then people argue that it could be a less demanding job because typically a single sports manager is taking care of many athletes. No doubt, it is true and shows a tough competition in the field, but why we ignore other careers associated with sports management like agents, PR managers, physicians, statisticians, lawyers etc.

Indeed, we need to consider sports management as an industry instead of seeing it only as a one-man job. However, if anyone wants a career in sports management, then do you think he should get a particular degree in sports management? Or these courses and certifications could also be helpful to be successful in this industry? Also, is it important to have a grip over a particular sport to start your career in it? 

According to PayScale, a sports manager can earn around $55,000, but I would like to know the opportunities? Especially, how much scope for growth do you see for the sports management industry in the United States and other European countries?

Share your thoughts. 

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