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Where do you Fall on the Political Axis?

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https://jarick.works/spekr/test/ Please take this quiz and post your response below :).

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  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 951 Pts   -  
    I think some of the questions need more detail and can be misleading like most political compass questions.
    But no suprise on my results.

  • Debater123Debater123 582 Pts   -  
    @MichaelElpers Funnily enough I got the same result as you, libertarian capitalist, except I seem to be more moderate.

  • all4acttall4actt 271 Pts   -  
    Moderate Republican
  • TreeManTreeMan 323 Pts   -  
    I’m a social democrat

  • TreeManTreeMan 323 Pts   -  
    Another test I did made me a little more left and libertarian.
  • anarchist100anarchist100 594 Pts   -  
  • anarchist100anarchist100 594 Pts   -  

  • AnonAnon 24 Pts   -  
  • anarchist100anarchist100 594 Pts   -   edited January 11
    I did the test again, but this time with the questions regarding economics I pretended that instead of "the state" or "political authorities" they where saying the community through voluntary cooperation.

  • Yea...that happened. I used to be hard-core libertarian/Ayn Rand, but...not so much anymore I guess.

    I want to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4244 Pts   -  
    Here is mine:

    On a side note, I never know how to interpret the scale of the answers: virtually every statement I encounter in these tests implies either "yes" or "no" reaction, and there is nothing in between. For example, take this one:
    "Some forms of expression are offensive, such as hate speech, and therefore should be banned."
    Either you agree with it or not, so...

    Another observation is that you can agree with some of the conclusions of the statements, but not with the reasoning behind them. For example:
    "Landowners have no incentive to maintain natural resources and as such need to be regulated by a political authority."
    What if you agree that landowners must be regulated by a political authority, but do not agree with the "no incentive" part?  :/
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