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The threat of prehistoric frozen in time.

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Am i the only one with the extreme idea of having animals frozen in time from prehistoric times brought back to life? I think there is a danger meddling with organisms from another time when we add the risk of a possible unknown disease or virus carries by these animals that can be catastrophic to the human race.

And what is it with this recent interest going in in the arctic between world powers?. Whats frozen up there thats been discovered? Treasure, an ultimate weapon? or could it be a gigantic lethal monster unthawing that will soon be awaken from all these ice caps melting off.

I just read this article about scientists being able to bring back a little animal back to life after frozen for 24,000 years. This post is what popped in my head after reading it and wanted to get some views on it.

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  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -  
    i have read that article as well; yes it is possible that some of these organisims may harbor deadly virues; but it is also possible, that we are genetically immune, so it is a toss up. however, we have little choice as the artic melts. As to what else may be under the ice, probably nothing more than other organisms too small to migrate when the climate began changing for the worse back then. also, vast reserves of oil.@bjinthirty
  • bjinthirtybjinthirty 78 Pts   -  
    I hope they find the avatar
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