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will there be peace

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there never will be peace in the world' prove me wrong. there  will always be wars because there will alaways be hate, crime, greed, bullies, and arguing and fighting among familes.

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  • @maxx
    Why not say there will never be peace on earth for it requires a lack of regard to legal precedent...
  • free from disturbance; tranquil.
    @Maxx there are forms of lethal force that are without a cost of disturbance...this means war or battles would be fought without public disturbance.
    Humanity has already reached the point where peaceful wars will so be more commonplace, mass death with little public disturbance and those who are killed will be quite tranquil in their demise as it occurs is a simple evolution of A.I.

    Artificial intelligence is in basic principle without cost the lie which is told by saying reducing gun crime changes the overall use of lethal force and not a statistical backlog of unsolved murders as firearm-related deaths are less likely to be simply ruled as accidental or suicide and in no way ever become just a missing person file. 
  • maxxmaxx 707 Pts   -   edited July 18
    absence of wars does not give peace.  when two people in the same family fight over mundane things, then society as a whole is not peaceful. humans argue and fight for it is an instinctive behaviorism.  @John_C_87
  • DeeDee 4169 Pts   -   edited July 19
    I agree , my opinion is once there are humans on the planet there will always be war / arguing , strife and chaos there  is very little to say in praise of mans treatment of the planet regards treatment of fellow humans , animals and nature itself.

    Humans are mostly irrational and at every chance try to gain advantage of each other , an example of such collective lunacy never really argued stridently against is the fact the US uses 220 million stealth bombers carrying missiles that cost  38,000 dollars each to blow the f-uck out of people living in less than a dollar a day and can see no other solutions that might bring better results …..utter lunacy and completely accepted by world powers across the globe 
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