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Reduce global warming by Stratospheric aerosol injection (massive aero spraying from jets)?

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It is said that when there is a massive volcanic eruption big enough to pervade the upper atmosphere with volcanic ash which blocks out some of the sun light that reaches the ground, it can cause a moderate drop in global temperatures for possibly years. It is known that this effect can be synthesized by using jet airplanes that can spray massive amounts of chemicals that are similar to volcanic ash, and we can easily create the desired effect of moderately lowering the global temperature to decrease the effects of global warming. But this is a very controversial method of attack for obvious reasons, even among the scientific community who believe that something must be done to address global warming immediately. Some say it is our only option for avoiding a global mass extinction, and others say it could cause our global temperatures to drop too low, or adversely affect the global weather pattern.     

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  • @piloteer
    The consensus is C02 levels as a cause. If true, we would have had an Institution established to compress vast amount of the C02 gas as a direct impact study. While also using protein skimmers to reduce C02 levels this is not new technology.
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