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There are only 2 genders

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I am starting it off by saying there are two genders. Throughout history there have always been 2, yes there have been cases of civilizations having 3, but most of them stayed male or female. Just because you go through the surgery, does not mean that you are the gender that you have changed too, meaning your still a guy or girl because you still have the DNA and build of a man or women.

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  • BoganBogan 449 Pts   -  

    One way that left wing revolutionaries can try to influence youth, is to plant the germ in their heads that everything "old" is bad and everything the revolutionaries endorse is good.     This tactic has now reached levels bordering on the absurd.    The idea that there are only two sexes (or genders) is not a "social construct" it just happens to be biological reality.    But leftists will embrace the causes of any minority and present them as some sort of "oppressed" minority, who are oppressed by the majority.   The majority meaning productive people who are socially responsible.   This has reached absurd proportions when they go into bat for men (it is nearly always men) who have usually serious mental conditions, and who claim that they are females, or even more silly, have no gender at all.    Now, i would like to add a caveat here and say that I do recognise that genetics is not always perfect and there may be very rare instances of female minds trapped in male bodies, and vice versa.      But this fact does not alter the fact that only two genders exist in reality.    

    The silly idea that there is more than two sexes is a social construct.

  • just_sayinjust_sayin 889 Pts   -  
    If gender were a social construct then it would be inappropriate to apply it to biological realities.  For instance, the reason there are men and women's sports is because the biological differences make it unfair for men to compete with women.  Therefore when a biological male declares she is a woman, that does not change her physiology, as a biological male she has an unfair advantage to compete with biological women.  The social construct does change the biological reality.
  • Argument Topic: I agree

    Ok so there are two genders and any of that woke Bullcrap saying "There are more than 2 genders" is just well Bullcrap! I may be Left in pretty much every general aspect, but you got to face the facts. Sorry not sorry to those Twitter users and Tiktokers who think that there are more than two genders, but that's facts. That's the end of my brief argument I can go on and on about this, but I simply don't have the time.
  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1245 Pts   -   edited March 2023
    "There are more than 2 genders" is just well Bullcrap! I may be Left in pretty much every general aspect, but you got to face the facts. 

    With modern surgeries and hormone treatments that isn't really true anymore. You can be a woman in every physical aspect except for the fact that you have a penis. There are transsexuals that you'd never in a million years guess had male genitalia. They are much closer to female than male, but you can't really label them female either. So what are they?

  • just_sayinjust_sayin 889 Pts   -  
    Actually, a biological male's chromosomes will never be those of a female.  Literally every cell of the biological male's body testifies that he is male.  If you subscribe to a social construct of gender, know that it logically can not change biological reality.  
  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1245 Pts   -  
    Actually, a biological male's chromosomes will never be those of a female.  Literally every cell of the biological male's body testifies that he is male.

    Actually, I'm really not interested in your nonsense about chromosomes. There's no way you can tell from sight that certain transvestites are anything other than female. A transvestite on HRT is hormonally female.

  • just_sayinjust_sayin 889 Pts   -  

    The biological reality is that there are 2 genders.  Some have argued that since there can be defects on the 23rd chromosome that result in XXY that there are more than 2 genders.  However, the defect does not allow them to reproduce.  Only male and female can reproduce.  That is why it is scientifically correct to say there only 2 genders.

    Those who use a social construct to define gender claim there are hundreds or even an infinite amount of genders.  Such a notion does not change biological reality.  Every cell in a biological males body will have a distinctive male chromosome marker no matter what the individual identifies as.  A million years from now someone can examine the bones and they will be able to determine if the person was a biological male or female.

  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1245 Pts   -  
    The biological reality is that there are 2 genders.

    No, the biological reality is that hormonal treatments and surgeries can create transvestites which are hormonally female, look completely female, but have the genitalia of a male. If you want to pretend that modern medicine can't create transgender people then that's up to you, but your stubborn denials aren't going to change the factual reality that transgender people exist.

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 6017 Pts   -   edited March 2023
    Classification of members of species into different genders is based on their role in reproduction of said species: a female is someone who gives birth, and a male is someone who supplies the seed - they do not have to actually do that, but they must have the capability to, in the absence of any abnormal conditions. From the biological perspective it completely outlaws existence of any other genders, and while edge cases of members of the species exhibiting certain traits normally associated with both genders exist, these are still traits of two genders, rather than traits of a third (non-existence) gender.

    Now, in a society people can treat each other differently than what their gender suggests. However, that does not change their gender, although it can change their "gender role" in the society. If I put on a goblin's mask on a Halloween, I do not become a goblin - but in the Halloween setting I may play the role of one.

    I treat my transgender friends as being the gender that they want to be associated with, and I see them as it. But were I to examine their cells as someone doing cell research, I would clearly see the biological reality with my own eyes. In society we engage in all kinds of roleplay, and even sexual pursuits are instances of roleplay - but science deals with facts, and facts play only one role: establish what is true and what is false. You cannot put a dress on a fact to make it look opposite to what it is.

    And, for that matter, transgender people themselves are not blind to reality: they understand very well that there are crucial differences between them and someone born with the body associated with the gender they see themselves at. It is mostly well-meaning, but misled, ideologues who put the blinders on and push this ridiculous idea that there is no difference between a biological woman and a transwoman. Imagine if everyone acted as if that was true... That would, among other things, mean no hormonal supplements for transwomen: since they are already women and women do not require hormonal supplements, then neither do they. Great, you just killed all hopes of transwomen to ever realistically pass as women - all in the name of equality!
  • DreamerDreamer 272 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Biological sex is bimodal.

    The issue of gender is sufficiently complicated and more info is being discovered that at some point I just say read and learn.

  • DeeDee 5395 Pts   -  

    Wow! Dreamer yet again copy and pastes the opinions of others because they have none of their own
  • NomenclatureNomenclature 1245 Pts   -  
    Wow! Dreamer yet again copy and pastes the opinions of others because they have none of their own
    100 percent agree with you Dee. 

  • jackjack 453 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: The biological reality is that there are 2 genders.

    Hello F:

    Biologically speaking, it's true..  However, in a FREE country, as long as nothing is required from others, a person can FREELY choose ANY gender he/she wants..  WHY anybody cares stumps me. 

  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 695 Pts   -  
    I've said this before and I'll say this again, when it comes to genders, they're like words; they're what we, as a group, make of them. That's the whole reason why many different Native American tribes had third genders, because their tribes made them so.
    "I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."
  • just_sayinjust_sayin 889 Pts   -  
    Are you referencing what Native Americans called  berdache -  which means "passive partner in sodomy, boy prostitute".  That's not really a 3rd gender, per see.  But someone who likes sex with the same biological sex.  
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