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Tiny houses?

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I personally would rather a small house. It encourages less clutter, and requires less energy. I know feng shui is a pseudoscience, but it seems like it'd be neat to live a clutter free existence.      

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4244 Pts   -   edited November 2021
    You know what one of the happiest periods of my life was? When I made some bad financial decisions, was broke and lived in a beaten up RV with broken headlights and electric system for 2 months. Everything was simple and straightforward, I knew where everything was, everything took very little time to do, as everything was right there at hand - and, well, I had more privacy than at any other point in my life, probably! I could stop in the middle of the woods for a night and have a great romantic evening with roasted chicken.

    I have been in essence a minimalist since then. I love nice things, but I love simplicity even more. The less time I spend deciding how to go about my housekeeping affairs, the quicker the affairs are done and the less mental energy they take.

    Not that I have been different in the past... Month-long road trips across the country with sleeping in a car every night and brushing teeth in public bathrooms in highway rest areas are fun! But that RV experience was what made minimalism conscious for me.
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1328 Pts   -  
    I think that's a great concept. I'm all for minimalization and Zen architecture and decor which lend themselves ideally to small house living. Life becomes more relaxed and purposeful at the same time.
  • DeeDee 4549 Pts   -   edited November 2021
    I totally agree me and the wife are thinking of downsizing. I watch of lot of You Tube videos on tiny houses there are some wonderful examples on there well worth viewing

    I personally don’t need much I’m pretty clutter free and like it that way , my essentials being my Watercolour /oil painting materials and my kindle for books some food and a few beers and wine at the weekend and I’m good 

    Check out this channel on Tiny homes its the business…..

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