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What constitutes online harassment ?

Debate Information

1. A member has been going out of his way to insult me for about a few months now.
2. I cant count the number of times. But it's at least a hundred insults on my character.

3. How many personal attacks does it take for you to feel harassed?
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    One or two

    1 vote
    1. Over 10
    2. Over one hundred personal attacks that have nothing to do with the topic of debate.
    3. I can't feel harassed. I love insults to my character

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  • DeeDee 4703 Pts   -   edited November 2021
    Wow! Yet another debate talking about Blathermouths favorite topic …..his hurt feelings 

    How truly tragic for you and you admitted you’ve lodged over 200 complaints and not one has been upheld 

    You been told you have a mute button use it if you feel that way but you won’t will you? Ever try ignoring …..no .

    You have been following me around like a lap dog from day one posting up debates to ask others to attack me on your behalf , you’ve also rhymed of a list of demands you expect people to obey before you debate them ……you asked 3 different people to apologise to you yesterday for asking you questions 

    You need to grow up and grow a pair , also it might help if you found out what an Ad Hominem was you’ve been asked by 5 people to say what you think it is in your own words and you cannot why’s that?

    Remember that mute button? I’m calling in your victim card ……

  • BlastcatBlastcat 409 Pts   -   edited November 2021
    Argument Topic: So, as expected, the stalker can't resist insulting me

    You need to grow up and grow a pair

    That's number 1.
    Case in point. If I needed an example of what I'm talking about, here it is in black and white.

    I expect many more attempts to hurt my widdle feewings as if I were a pre-teen. Maybe he expects a love letter, who knows?
    I don't know what motivates the guy, but he certainly does seem triggered.

    FYI, my widdle feewings are not hurt.
    I study how people interact online, I am not surprised to find an unmoderated web site full of crap like this.
    Im being harassed, for sure, but I don't feel particularly threatened as we are not in a drunken bar. I am not a vulnerable person who will start crying over an online insult. I just notice what people write and HOW they write. How they reason and how they REACT. It should go without saying that a stalker is reacting on some emotional level. It all started when I dared disagree with they guy on some logical point. Then, the insults never stopped. I'm also interested to find out just how long this irrational stalking, abusive behaviour will continue.

    It's sad.

    I find it very interesting, as well.
    He asks me to "grow a pair", which to me is VERY telling.

    People who abuse others often tell them to simply accept the abuse as if it's ok.
    Just "take it".. be a man, use your machismo.. show your muscles, don't show your vulnerabilities, think of verbal abuse as normal.

    Some people who have been abused think that it's normal and justified. So, they have no trouble abusing others.
    Why should they feel bad about something that they think is NORMAL?

    Abusers commonly think that what they do is normal, and even good. That's a reason why they would continue unless they are controlled by some external force, like a legal system. In here, the admins do nothing.. literally nothing about harassment. As Dee points out, I have reported incidents of abuse many times. I gave up trying. It's no use. They DO NOT CARE.

    This is a haven for people who love to attack others all they like.
    And their mute function is useless... I still get to see that the muted person has responded to me. In the case of an actual stalker, I KNOW that it's more insults. This is so annoying. A site made expressly for stalkers so that they can stalk each other.

    Lucky that not EVERY member is a stalker.
    Some come in here to have honest debates.

    I will disengage with the stalkers, and engage with the honest folks.
    If there are NO honest folks in here, I will leave.

    So you all know how to get me to leave lol
    Now, if my personal stalker does NOT continue the tirades, i will be surprised. Just for fun, I will count the number of insulting messages the dear boy sends to me. Sealed with a kiss, perhaps.

    Im here to learn.. lets see what transpires.
  • DeeDee 4703 Pts   -  

     So, as expected, the stalker can't resist insulting me

    Ha, Ha you post up your 5th debate so far to attack me and wait for it ( drum  roll ) I’m the stalker …bwhahahahahahahahaha

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