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What is the cause?

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What is the cause of the court finding the illegal loss of privacy?

In sum, I believe that the right of privacy in the marital relation is fundamental and basic—a personal right “retained by the people” within the meaning of the Ninth Amendment. Connecticut cannot constitutionally abridge this fundamental right, which is protected by the Fourteenth Amendment from infringement by the States. I agree with the Court that petitioners’ convictions must therefore be reversed.
Griswold v. Connecticut (harvard.edu)

The case involved a Texas statute that prohibited abortion except when necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman. The Supreme Court, in a decision written by Justice Blackmun, recognized a privacy interest in abortions. In doing so, the court applied the right to privacy established in Griswold v Connecticut (1965). At stake in this matter was the fundamental right of a woman to decide whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. The underlying values of this right included decisional autonomy and physical consequences (i.e., the interest in bodily integrity).
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"We are only presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law."
In the crime of pregnancy abortion, the guilt of the crime has been proven in a court of law it is only the source of how and when the loss of privacy was not documented by the court. A basic condition as a united state for the more perfect union was identified by the Texas Courts, the process of immigration that occurs between women and nation in which a women's life is placed in danger.

The choice for the more perfect union rests between female-specific amputation and pregnancy abortion. Pro-life and Pro-choice are not even legal choices without the identification of the source to the loss of privacy already identified as a crime.
The possibility of murder does not address the loss of privacy.
The fact that a potential victim and suspect is at an age too young to be charged with a crime of murder does not create innocence or the loss of privacy.
What is the source of the loss of privacy?

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