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Is Joe Biden a vegetable?

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If so, what kind? Because I would really like to know. 
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    Is he a vegetable?

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  • BarnardotBarnardot 133 Pts   -  
    That’s a good question because a lot of people don’t know about animal vegetables and minerals and that’s how you get on to the next level when you get the answer. So in this case Biden is animal because he doesn’t grow in the ground and they don’t dig him out of the ground. So see your narrowing the options to 33.3 per sent. Then your going to think what animal and your really going to get to the point end of the point because it’s going to be about 0.00000001 per sent because there are millions of animals and humans are only one of them. So you see how your going to get to Biden real quick just like the Kevin bacon game but that one is easier because bacon is animal any way lol @first_lady_of_aarong
  • DeeDee 4703 Pts   -   edited April 18
     Biden is an old man not fit to be President but even he is a cut above the rubbish that has gone before him , you cannot stop Americans electing imbeciles to the post of President there’s nothing else to choose  from it seems ……

    Trump “Let me tell you the last 5 questions were very tough , I Aced the test “ ……seriously ? This id-iot was once President ?????!!! 

    Let’s not forget this cabbage , how do people like this come across as presidential material to Americans ?

    His followers most likely thought the statement below was a statement of pure genius ……

  • dallased25dallased25 171 Pts   -  
    I don't think he's a vegetable....yet, but he's clearly shown severe cognitive decline, so much so that he is very likely unfit to be president. That being said, I think the only reason he has not been declared that is because instead of being a vegetable, he's a useful puppet for the democratic party. It's sad really. 
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @first_lady_of_aarong ;  A vegetable has more integrity.

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