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Should We Keep Focusing On Trump?

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Of course we should:
  1. Trump is a continuing danger to American democracy because of the influence ability and aggressive propensities of a significant segment of his supporters.
  2. Trump and the Trumplicans are a continuing danger to American democracy because the movement represents the last defense of a population desperate to maintain the status quo of the past and against the social change occurring in American culture.
  3. Trump and his followers are a continuing danger to American democracy because of the general ignorance of and disregard for the foundational document of American democracy – the Constitution. This is the movement of a former president who pronounced while in office that the Constitution allows him to do whatever he “wants” as President.
  4. Trump and his supporters are a continuing danger to American democracy because, despite the fact that they appear strategically chaotic on the surface, there is actually a method to the Trumplican madness. The Trump minions are seizing the souls of state Republican politicians, souls which are all-to readily up for sale, who see the Trump Train as a means to further their own political futures.
  5. Trump and his confederates not only targeted our democracy after losing in 2020, they’re prepared to do so again.

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  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @JulesKorngold I think that if we ignore trump then he will go away because he might get the massage that he’s not wanted.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4589 Pts   -   edited June 22
    Who are "we"? I have never focused on Trump, so I cannot keep focusing on him by definition. ;)

    As for Trump being a danger for the American democracy, I think that the tunnel vision that makes many people focus on him is a much bigger danger than anything Trump could ever do. It seems that opposing Trump has become a lifestyle of many politicians and media anchors, as opposed to, well, doing their work, providing balanced news coverage and working on the policies that benefit the US. Meanwhile, the Biden's administration is the most incompetent administration in, at least, half a century, and those people who still complain about Trump (who has not been the acting president for a year and a half by now) have not a word to say about that.

    Trump at this point is just a clown and a cult leader as far as his public persona goes. The folks in the Capitol and the White House, on the other hand, are doing a real damage every day. A little less whining about Trump and a little more look into how this insane administration's actions have led to gas prices nearly tripling in less than 2 years would do this country good.

    It is true that the Trump cult has twisted the Republican party, but that is a separate point. The state of the Republican party is what it is not because a guy suddenly broke through the front door in 2015 and created a mess; it is a consequence of many-many decades of compromising with authoritarians, giving up on principles and embracing religion and nationalism. Trump will go away eventually; these processes, on the other hand, will take a long time to remedy, potentially remediable only by creation of a new party and letting the Republican party sink.
  • Argument Topic: Long time coming

    Executive officer Trump is an excuse by many for not addressing the issue of legalities created by legal precedent for a woman to be President of a Constitutional United States of America. The large number of possible perjuries it created by having both women and men vote on the matter increases the complexity of legal disregard.

    On top of this point of democratic nonsense is the malpractice of Pregnancy Abortion and the legal monumental catastrophe pending that has turned into a political stall. A criminal act of privacy violation has become an internationally malpractice of law as a way of conducting medical business. The argument isn’t even if conditional termination needed to be medically ended only legally redescribed to fit within the ethics of the licensed medical practice and legal practice.

    What is sad is that with a quest for the more perfect states of union at risk there is no common reason given why Presadera is not better detail for a women to be held equal to all women or why Female-specific amputation is not a better state of the union with the medical process a women may need imposed upon her to save her life.

    Trump who?

    Biden who?

    Oh! them...there are much larger concerns...

    By the way Kamala Harris is the First women Presadera she was simply not democratically appointed to the Executive Office she is assigned a lower political position.

    " I though obsessing over Trump was Bill Maher thing..."
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @John_C_87 I identify with what your saying because some of my families lives there in Pasadena and we don’t know what there going to do with the abortion laws there yet but I reckon that those females who have the hairy arm pits that smell aren’t the ones who have babies any way so they should really shut the dog mess up. 
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