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Should the 1619 project be taught in schools?

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I don't think the 1619 project should be taught in schools because of the indoctrination that will occur with all of the inaccurate information. 

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4676 Pts   -   edited July 30
    I think that it should mentioned that this is one possible interpretation of the foundation of the US, but emphasized that it does not have a solid footing in history. The idea that this country is primarily defined by its history of slavery is utterly ridiculous, of course, but I think that students should be exposed to a large variety of points of view and learn how to discriminate garbage views from sound ones.

    In my history classes back in Russia, I was taught about the great Peter, Stalin and other dictators. The ideological bias was overpowering, yet it served as a great learning and testing ground for my critical thinking. The more ridiculous the interpretations were, the easier it was for me to know that I should roll my eyes and laugh inside at what I am being told. This is an extremely vital skill in life, and one of the best ways to learn it is to take the B S (I do not mean Bachelor in Science here) courses and to get As in them while, well, B S'ing your way through them.
  • exconexcon 562 Pts   -  

    Should the 1619 project be taught in schools?

    Hello l:

    Language counts..  Children can be taught, for example, that 200 people killed themselves in Jonestown, WITHOUT teaching that killing yourself is good.

    Truth is, I have NO idea what the 1619 project is, but if it's historically significant, then it should be taught.


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