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Where Should We Be Pointing the Finger?

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hommos will never be better because they destroy the structure of the family which is the foundation to any prosperous society

I have never seen one shred of evidence that would ever back up such an erroneous and vitriolic assertion. On the contrary, I have seen and know many loving, cohesive family units with gay members and gay parents.

I have seen much evidence of families with gay members that are torn apart because certain members are profoundly homophobic because of their ignorance, arrogance, violent nature, religion or all factors combined. 

Gaslighting and pointing the finger in the wrong direction is hardly a valid argument.

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  • BoganBogan 157 Pts   -  
    Homosexuals are very disproportionately represented in left wing politics.    In Australia, (and probably elsewhere) the Left side of politics does everything it can to denigrate white Australians.  I am a white Australian.  Why should I like people who despise me and my people?    Homosexuals  routinely do everything they can to denigrate Australian history and our Australian culture.   They always sides with any minority group with a real of imagined grievance against white western culture.    As homosexual leftists rise into the public service positions, they abuse their power as public officials to promote anti family and anti Australian policies.      So, it is hardly surprising that today, on the right side of politics, there is very real hostility to homosexuals.

    Homosexuals' who have apparently risen to power within the various state Health Departments have attempted to reclassify "women" and "mothers" in official pamphlets, as "menstruating people" and "birthing people".   Denigrating women in such a way has incensed many women who might otherwise be sympathetic to pooftas.        The state of Victoria is now no longer a free state.    The state is run by a leftist who does not believe in free political speech.    Victoria enacted legislation to "protect" minorities (actually, their voter base) from criticism.    This "anti racist" legislation was then extended to homosexuals.     Therefore, in Victoria, the people may not criticise homosexuals at all, for fear of being prosecuted.    A similar situation happened in the Australian state of Tasmania.    When Australians were debating whether or not to allow homosexual "marriage", a Christian religious leader in Tasmania sent a letter to al of his flock advising them that voting for homosexual "marriage" would be against the teachings of the Christian church.    That religious leader was then prosecuted for spreading "hate crimes" against homosexuals.

    So, that is why I generally despise homosexuals.    I was once fairly tolerant of them, but as their power has increased, so has their repression of normal people.   Their suppression of free political speech marks too many of them as enemies of democracy.    Their attempts to impose Orwellian "new speak" of gander neutral pronouns, on the Australian population (which denigrates women) I consider to be anti family.  

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