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If Putin nukes Ukraine, should we nuke Russia?

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Putin flirts again with grim prospect of nuclear war – this time he might mean it


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  • Do not humor the ill-fated ideology of years past, the truth, the whole truth, there is no such thing as "Nuclear War" atomic weapons are simple one tool in a list of may along a path of chemical Warfare as whole truth a threat of a start to a “Chemical War.” is what is being made openly...enriched Plutonium us just a chemical choice in that ideology of overall plan to chemical warfare.

    This is the point that is made, Putin is by a held United State of law not Constitutional right when considered as a President of any united state of law, to any nation, this includes the laws of his own Nation. He is an Executive officer holding him accountable in a "Armed Service" and code of conduct to his nation of origin and title. Not America.

  • BoganBogan 195 Pts   -  
    Putin will not nuke Ukraine because it is impractical and the fallout is almost certain to fall over Russia, as European winds blow mainly west to east.    Even if the psychopathic used a tactical nuclear weapon on a day when the winds blew east to west, the effects on one small section of a 1000Klm front would be negligible.    What would not be negligible is that the fallout would then fall over western Europe ensuring that NATO got directly involved in the Ukraine war by sending forces into Ukraine to kick the Ivans out for good.     Putin knows this.      it is a bluff.   He knows that there are a lot of weak pansies in the western countries who piiss themselves at the thought of a war with Russia.    The western world owes a dept to the Ukrainians because it is showing our decadent west that there still exists men and women who love their countries and who would rather die than lose their values their flag represents.
  • Putin will not attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons and fallout is not the issue in that form of chemical war, also, the threats are made beyond Ukraine while the understanding the U.S.A. needs to be clear as to the U.N. Soviet Armed Services that it is not a threat of Nuclear War but of as an Internationally condemned Chemical War. Putin has only made an open threat to start a global Chemical War, this is the same tactic and threats made by Saddam Hussein while invading Kuwait. 

  • Enriched plutonium is not an element it is a chemical made from an element…Unconstitutional jury tampering by the practice of education has a limit by the world moves closer to branching out into the universe there will be some people who will not approve of this process. It should also be made clear the Universe is far too big of an area to be seen as controllable by occupation like a piece of a planet. As a group of nations, the way we divide international territorial properties is not fully been resolved, maybe?

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4713 Pts   -  
    First, Putin is not going to nuke Ukraine. Russia is not North Korea, Putin does not have absolute power, the population is on the edge of rebelling against him after the mobilization order - and even if he completely loses his mind and orders such a strike, he will be deposed by the military that same day.

    Second, were this fantastic scenario to actually happen, Russia would become the most vilified and isolated state on the planet, with its closest allies turning away from it. It would collapse shortly in its own. There is no need for the US to destroy its international reputation and risk starting a third World War by nuking Kremlin. And, again, were Biden to also lose his mind completely and order such a strike, no nukes would be actually launched, and the guy would be impeached shortly.
  • @MayCaesar

     That doesn't address the issue of simple if the principle Nuclear Third World War is fact, there will never be a Nuclear War enriched Plutonium is part of a Chemical War and there has been a Third & Fourth World War already inwhich many of the words antions have been performing operations of conbat...

  • @MayCaesar

    Is the idea a threat of Nuclear War can hold all Wars as Covert to the world a choice?

    It is highly unlikely for a threat like Biological War may be greater than Chemical War embrasing platonium this as a Biological War can be started by acts of even nature much easier than a nuclear War. Whie russia and the world have the past understanding of the Chernobyl disaster to really detail the whole Chemical War fact that goes hand and hand with plutonium enrichment. I mean really under oath a scientis would say chemical uranium or chemical platonium are mistakes the two are not chemcials?

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