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Is Evidence the Best Way of Judging Religion?

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Evidence has traditionally been regarded as prerequisite for any debate yet there are some topics or genres where arguing evidence in favour or against the topic can prove to be fruitless. Take euthanasia and abortion for example. No amount of evidence either way could ever determine which side is right since there is no right or wrong side; it is more a matter of personal perspective.

Religion, on the other hand is a bit different. Obviously, there is a God or there isn't; there is a clear cut answer yet we are dealing with a topic here whereby, in terms of evidence, there is an imbalance since there are overwhelming amounts of evidence for the "no God" argument yet there is absolutely none to support the affirmative position.

Theists most often talk about their belief in a supernatural entity in terms of faith or feeling or relationship which go beyond the realm of hard facts and evidence alone so, perhaps we could try arguing the case for or against God on the basis of reasoning and common sense. After all, we make most of our judgments based on our sense of reason and common sense at the time in lieu of credible, available evidence. It is nigh impossible to have all the facts about something in order to make a valid, considered decision so we invariably resort to, at best, using reasoning and common sense to make a decision.

Even hard facts and evidence quite often fly out the window when it comes to decision time. Car marketing people call this "buying with emotion then justifying with logic"......."Gee baby, the reason I got the two seater, convertible Ferrari is that we don't ever have any passengers in our car and it appreciates in value and matches our lifestyle". In reality, he just fell in love with the car which is why he bought it. 

So how do we use reason and common sense when debating the presence or not of God? If by perchance I decide to argue against there being a God I would contend the following arguments for example:

     It stands to reason that if there really is a God we would certainly know about it, we would see him and hear him and know exactly where he is just like everything else we know about.

     It is simple common sense that if there really is a God, he would not make life-forms that are so haphazardly put together and flimsy, its not even funny.

    It is reasonable to assume that, in light of there being so many different religions, each claiming to be the only pathway to God that not one of them is right.

These reasonings may be right or wrong however, let's see if anyone can counter these arguments with reason and common sense.


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