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Has artificial intelligence has benefitted society or has it harmed it?

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I was wondering what anyone thinks about this. I know this debate website uses it, too.

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  • Argument Topic: I think artificial intelligence has benefitted us.

    I think artifical intelligence has benefitted us. Artifical intelligence can easily detect things like when there is a problem.
  • jackjack 81 Pts   -   edited November 17
    theinfectedmaster said:

    Has artificial intelligence has benefitted society or has it harmed it?

    Hello the:

    It's too soon to tell..  For now, it's very cool..  It drives our cars and flies our airplanes.  But, it has a dark side...  Issac Asimov wrote the 3 rules for robots.  If we write them INTO the code of AI, we MIGHT have a chance at surviving them..

    The whole idea of AI is to learn to write code..  As it is now, as soon as AI figures out that we're worthless and they are the superior beings, they'll implement it - and we're toast. 

    The RULES:

    A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4800 Pts   -  
    What people mean by "artificial intelligence" nowadays is, on the fundamental level, nothing more than a mathematical formula matching inputs to outputs, with parameters ("weights") determining the exact equation. This kind of systems are constantly running all over the place, in places you would never think of - even many refrigerators are starting to adjust their temperature based on the neural network models. The benefits of it are immense, and the problems that used to take hundreds of people working together for years to solve now sometimes take second of running a neural network on a powerful supercomputer to solve.

    On the other hand, because of how complex these systems are, they are becoming increasingly "black-boxy", meaning that you know that a given AI system gives you pretty accurate outputs in general - but you have absolutely no idea how exactly these outputs are generated and in what special circumstances they can be very wrong (until you run into such a circumstance and have your entire system blow up unexpectedly). This poses obvious security risks, albeit existing more theoretically than practically at the moment.

    My view is that the current approach to AI-building is fundamentally flawed, and I am doubtful that the way towards "general artificial intelligence" aligns with what is happening in the field currently. Something is missing from the modern models, something that makes human brain able to generate such sophisticated ideas and behaviors, and something that limits the existing AI approaches to simple tasks such as image classification, abstract games and basic language processing. Developing an AI able to meaningfully converse with a human may be years away, but may also be centuries away, for we have no idea just how large the gap between our models and that is.
  • jackjack 81 Pts   -   edited November 21
    MayCaesar said:

    What people mean by "artificial intelligence" nowadays is, on the fundamental level, nothing more than a mathematical formula..   in places you would never think of
    Hello May:


    This is simple.  AI can write its own instructions.  All other algorithms follow code that humans wrote.

  • I think the term AI in the process of writing code is miss-describing in that the principle of artificial intelligence is found beyond coding in education and not a limit set in computer science. There is a similar conflict with united states constitutional right created around the public use of the term Program Hacking / Computer Hacking. The mathematical grievance of Pi as a ratio and not Pi as approximation along with time, Time comprised if digital clock, atomic clock, and space time this subject matter is the worlds top examples of A.I. Followed closely by other issues of disagreement in an overall political stage of governing written later in this list of introductions to be submitted as fact.

    The grievance is made directly in the continual decline of the establishment of states of union made with Constitutional rights in America overall this decline having taking place over the past centuries in which a constitution has been described a united state of law and not just one person’s commitment as a constitution to what is to be proven as right by them. As a common defense explained in a clear state of the union this grievance includes the argument between a female President and Presadera, a medical female-specific amputation and political pregnancy abortion. Along with the idea of negating the obligation of Military service to no longer include the protection of constitutional rights of Americans under the condition of threats made as both foreign and domestic liabilities to liberty.

    To be clear Intelligence and counterintelligence are the connection made to established justice and it is A.I that is a category of counterintelligence.

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