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Who gets to arrest Trump??

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If the cops come to arrest Trump, and the Secret Service is protecting Trump, is there going to be a gun battle?

Ridiculous, right?  But, if Trump is indicted and invited to turn himself in, you KNOW he's NOT gonna do that..  So, the confrontation between the Secret Service and law enforcement agencies is REAL.


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  • jackjack 453 Pts   -  
    jack said:

    is there going to be a gun battle?
    Hello ex:

    UPDATE!!  Just this morning Trump said he'll be arrested on Tuesday.  His lawyers say he'll turn himself in.  But......  If so, why is he calling for demonstrations??  He's telling his supporters to "take this nation back".

    Looks like Jan 6 all over again..  You goin??  It'll be wild..

  • jackjack 453 Pts   -   edited March 2023


    Hello, ex:

    Seems to me this is a VERY topical debate.  No, huh?

  • jackjack 453 Pts   -   edited March 2023
    Argument Topic: No, huh?

    Hello ex:

    Some of Trump’s radical supporters have taken to social media to plan for surrounding Mar-a-Lago and protecting Trump with firearms.  Ali Alexander, the father of "Stop the Steal", wrote, if Trump was arrested 100,000 patriots should shut down all routes to Mar-a-Lago…. 
    Is the coup still on the table?  Will it BE a coup if the feds are PREVENTED from serving a warrant on Trump?


  • BarnardotBarnardot 531 Pts   -  
    @jack ;Is the coup still on the table?  Will it BE a coup if the feds are PREVENTED from serving a warrant on Trump?

    Look they tried doing that on Clinton and getting the dry cleaning guy to con fess that there was come on that chicks dress but where did that get them. Like no where thats where because in the end what they do on the privacy of there office desk is there business any way and any way people just want to here that sort of stuff and when it does come out they say so what any way. Any way what will proberly happen with Trump any way is the same thing so in the end who cares who he screws so long as he doesn't screw up the country thats what I reckon.

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