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All Trump's gotta do is make sure at least one MAGA cultist is on any of his jury's to prevent a conviction.  Can he do that?  I think he can.  Failing that, all he's gotta do is win the election, and he can stop the investigation that way.  Can he do that?  I think he CAN.

Do you?


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  • DreamerDreamer 172 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Trump is an anormal president.

    I'm going to take this somewhat off topic if you don't mind. I don't think everyone understands that the 2016 election wasn't normal. That the liberals were telling the truth when they talked about how bad Trump was and how upset they were. 

    This is not just another political slam to drum up votes. A lot of people would have been politically neutral if were not for Trump causing them to vote Hilary then Biden. Trump really could win the 2024 election.

    I've tried to breach this subject before on a previous thread. Though I felt I was somewhat new to the subject and could have been more convincing. Sometimes a person can't tell the difference between sarcasm and a poorly worded rough draft. This is frustrating for me that I am having so much trouble articulating this point. Try try again is all I can do. Got any advice excon?

    • Trump lies a lot way more than previous presidents and other politicians.

  • jackjack 314 Pts   -   edited September 10
    Dreamer said:

    Try try again is all I can do. Got any advice excon?

    Hello Dreamer:

    Just keep speaking your truth.  Here's a little more of mine.

    The North won the Civil War, but the South won the peace, at least regionally.  Slavery ended formally only to be replaced by a system that rendered the South’s once-enslaved persons free in name only. What persisted was one nation with two systems deeply divided by culture.   The trauma of electing the country’s first black president in this century reopened the wounds to white pride that never fully healed after Appomattox.  

    I say, let's finish it.  After all, WE have the tanks.


  • DreamerDreamer 172 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: I agree that we shouldn't underestimate Trump and Trumpism and quit when work is unfinished.

    Rather than violence I would rather de-platform the haters from social media and a blue wave. When Biden won some had their faith shaken and left Qanon. Anyways I need a break, I feel like I am cleaning up other people's messes here. This website is a swamp of disinformation and hate.
  • BoganBogan 302 Pts   -  
    @Dreamer ;    Rather than violence I would rather de-platform the haters from social media and a blue wave.

    Some "liberal" you are.

  • DreamerDreamer 172 Pts   -   edited September 15
    Argument Topic: Trump is a demagogue.

    Trump is a demagogue.

    From Mistakes were made but not by me:

    "Demagogues, by definition, need adoring crowds, and they create them using the timeless method of arousing fear. At his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention, Trump offered a litany of things to fear: violent crime, lawless migrants, "men, women, and children viciously mowed down" by terrorists, the rising crime rate (a lie; nationwide, crime has been declining for decades), and the damage and destruction" plaguing our cities."

    I skipped a few lines

    "Demagogues typically thrive by sowing division among citizens and inciting scapegoating and violence, and no American president before Trump fomented us-versus-them thinking to such as extreme degree, much less tacitly endorsed violence by "us" against "them." He refers to the free press, the very bedrock of a democracy as as "enemy of the people."

    Voting season is coming up. I'm already requesting my mail in ballot. The time for debating is over. Organizing meetings, phone banking, and the ballot box. Blue wave, get as many democrats into office to punish republicans for voting Trump. Oust Trump who is already gaining voters due to indictments against him.
  • DreamerDreamer 172 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Trump lying demagogue.

     page 335-336 Mistakes book
    "By the time of the presidential election in 2016, American citizens had plenty of information about Donald Trump: his promise to control the alleged hordes of Mexican rapists and other criminals who were illegally flooding the country; his insults directed at ethnic minorities, disabled people, and woman; his falsely claiming to have foot problems in order to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam War; his long history of refusing to pay his contractors for their work; his bankruptcies and refusal to release his tax returns (lying that he couldn't because he was being audited, which the IRS says in nonsense); his decades-long history of discrimination against African Americans who worked for him or tried to rent apartments in his buildings; the extramarital affairs that ended his marriages; the accusations of sexual misconduct by numerous woman; and his vulgar comment to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that "when you're a star, you can do anything [with woman] -- grab 'em by the ." Any one of these facts would once doomed a candidate's chances,""

    Over 30k lies in four years.

    The fact checkers can't keep up with him. He might look somewhat normal on some fact checkers because they basically gave up because Trump used a firehose of falsehoods. This a communist technique.

    Oh yes @Bogan let's let hate and disinformation spread and spread amplified by bots and troll farms. Spam is a form of censorship. If somebody makes a really good post, you can make 10 or more super verbose posts afterwords and the person with the great post will get little to no visibility. De-platform the haters, hold big tech accountable including Ebon Musk, blue wave.

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