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In this Debate

Dimensional Debate Matrix (DDM): Can you escape?! (Play to win Prizes!)

Debate Information

Dimensional Debate Matrix (DDM): Can you escape?!

Why "Dimension"? Each dimension represents the depth and complexity of debate topics and the game's expanding universe.

Goal: Ascend through 10 Dimensions by winning debates. Reach Dimension 10 or be the highest level player when the game ends to win.

How to Play

Starting Point 

  • All players begin in Dimension 1. Topics must be debated in the relevant sections of the site forums; not here. This space is for polls and poll discussions. (This setup may change depending on feedback). When you decide to play this game, your challenge should be formatted as: "I challenge [Opponent] to a [Tier] tier debate on [Topic]. [Reference to the Debate Matrix]."

Dimensions and Tiers:

  • Each Dimension has three tiers: Green (Basic), Blue (Intermediate), Red (Advanced).
  • Players can choose any tier within their dimension, but progression to higher tiers within the same dimension offers more prestige.

Ascending Levels:

  • Win a debate in any tier to advance to the next dimension.
  • Winners from each previous dimension compete with each other in any tier to level up to dimension 8.
  • In dimension 9, all winners from the previous dimension must compete in the advanced tier. Rankings are determined by vote counts. 

Debate Challenges:

  • Players can either challenge or be challenged.
  • Debates occur within the same Tier and Dimension.
  • Topics are chosen randomly or by choice.

Voting Mechanism:

  • Everyone can vote on debates. For structured voting, out of 10 points: 4 for quality, 3 for sources, and 3 for presentation.
  • Ties result in a rematch with a new topic.

Conduct Rules:

  • Personal attacks result in downvoting and level freeze.
  • Report harassment to moderators.

Hall of Fame:

  • The first to reach the 10th Dimension is the ultimate winner, but there will also be recognition for the top 3 or top 5 participants. Another game will soon follow, giving other members a chance to win.
  • The winner receives:
    • Premium memberships
    • Discord Nitro
    • [Other possible prizes Deemed fit either by me, you or both]

Debate Topics

Green Tier Topics (Basic):

  • Social Media: Boon or Bane?
  • School Uniforms: Necessary or Outdated?
  • Animal Testing: Ethical or Unjust?
  • Vegetarianism vs. Meat Consumption.
  • Books vs. Movies: Which Impacts More?
  • Online Learning vs. Traditional Classroom.
  • Importance of Physical Activity.
  • Public Transport vs. Private Vehicles: What's More Sustainable?
  • Video Games: Harmful or Helpful to Youth?
  • Homework: Useful or Excessive?
  • Fast Food: Convenience or Health Risk?
  • Print Media vs. Digital Media: Which Has More Influence?
  • Cursive Writing in Schools: Necessary Skill or Outdated Tradition?
  • Pets in Apartments: Right or Nuisance?
  • Mobile Phones in Schools: Distraction or Tool?
  • Reality TV: Harmless Entertainment or Negative Influence?
  • Shopping Online vs. In-Store: Which is Better?
  • Music: Digital Streaming vs. Physical Albums.
  • Traditional Zoos vs. Animal Sanctuaries: Which is More Ethical?
  • Modern Art: Innovation or Overrated?
  • Theme Parks: Leisure Activity or Consumerist Trap?
  • Board Games vs. Mobile Games: Which Promotes Better Social Interaction?
  • Celebrity Influence: Positive Role Models or Negative Impact?
  • Podcasts vs. Radio: Which Medium Has a Bigger Future?
  • Breakfast: The Most Important Meal or Overhyped Tradition?

Blue Tier Topics (Intermediate):

  • Artificial Intelligence: Promise or Peril?
  • Universal Basic Income: Feasible or Futile?
  • Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuels.
  • The Gig Economy: Freedom or Exploitation?
  • Privacy vs. Security in the Digital Age.
  • Gene Editing: Ethical Limits.
  • Cryptocurrency: Future of Finance or Bubble?
  • Telemedicine: Pros and Cons.
  • Space Exploration: Worth the Cost?
  • The Right to be Forgotten Online.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Is Organic Farming the Answer?
  • The Role of Drones in Modern Warfare: Ethical Considerations.
  • The Rise of eSports: Sport or Entertainment?
  • Mental Health in the Workplace: Whose Responsibility?
  • The Future of Print Newspapers in the Digital Era.
  • Genetic Privacy: Should DNA Data Be Private Property?
  • Biometrics in Security: Safe or Invasive?
  • Cashless Economies: Progress or Pitfall?
  • Augmented Reality in Education: Enhancing Learning or Distracting?
  • The Ethical Implications of Deepfake Technologies.

Red Tier Topics (Advanced):

  • Technological Singularity: Imminent or Impossible?
  • Conscious Capitalism: Oxymoron or Opportunity?
  • Quantum Computing: The Next Revolution.
  • Geoengineering to Combat Climate Change.
  • The Ethical Dilemmas of Virtual Reality.
  • Augmented Humanity: Ethical Implications.
  • Big Data and Democracy: Compatible?
  • Human Longevity: Should We Extend Life Span?
  • Transhumanism: The Next Step in Human Evolution?
  • The Moral Limits of AI.
  • The Role of Ethics in Autonomous Weaponry.
  • The Philosophical Implications of Simulated Realities.
  • Neural Interfaces: Revolutionizing Communication or Violating Privacy?
  • The Ecological Impact of Lab-Grown Meat: A Sustainable Future?
  • Space Colonization: Exploration Right or Territorial Overreach?
  • The Quantum Realm: The New Frontier of Consciousness Exploration?
  • Intellectual Property in the Age of Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing.
  • The Impacts of Overpopulation on Global Sustainability.
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces: Enhancing Human Potential or Risking Identity?
  • The Metaverse: Digital Utopia or Dystopia?


Timing and Timezones:

  • Each debate lasts 72 hours.
  • All times mentioned are in UTC for standardization.

The first voting process will commence one week from 14/9/2023

If no one has participated in a Dimension by the end of a round, new participants can still join and will automatically start in Dimension 2. The game will then restart.

The first voting process will commence one week from 14/9/2023

An example of a voting table:






Votes (D1:D2)





Alice vs. Bob

Social Media: Boon or Bane?






Charlie vs. Dave

School Uniforms: Necessary or Outdated?






Eve vs. Frank

Artificial Intelligence: Promise or Peril?






Grace vs. Harry

The Gig Economy: Freedom or Exploitation?






Ian vs. Julia

Technological Singularity: Imminent or Impossible?






Kate vs. Luke

Vegetarianism vs. Meat Consumption






Monica vs. Neville

Cryptocurrency: Future or Bubble?






Olivia vs. Peter

Big Data and Democracy: Compatible?




Debra AI Prediction

Predicted To Win
Predicted 2nd Place

Details +

Post Argument Now Debate Details +


  • Argument Topic: Game Begins!

    This game commences 3 hours UTC time from now. Enjoy! 

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