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Could Transhumanism Be The Next Step in Human Evolution?

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While all the current talk surrounding Transhumanism sounds great in theory I still remain somewhat skeptical, at least for any of the advancements to happen any time soon. Then again, this shouldn't be a factor that derails us from continuing to enhance the human condition. Keep at it or die trying perhaps? What do you guys think?

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 5050 Pts   -   edited September 17
    I guess I am not sure what people mean by transhumanism: in many ways we are already much more than humans defined purely by evolutionary processes. The fact that we are having this discussion right now in the format in which we are takes us very far apart from the humans and any other animals that populated this Earth just 200 years ago.

    If you mean things that alter the most fundamental functions of our bodies - enhancement of brain function through electronics, 3d-printed body parts, artificial hormonal systems - then they are probably not coming any time soon, although I would expect that 100 years from now many of them will become as commonplace as smartphones are today. But I do not think that it changes everything: there is more than one pathway to significant alteration of our lives and lifestyles, and multiple pathways can be taken simultaneously, progressing at different rates. I would argue that many of less "immediate" alterations would have much more profound impact on our lives: emergence of autonomous self-learning robots will surely be a much bigger deal than something as "basic" as, say, addition of a holographic storage device to our brain.

    In a very long run I expect everything to change almost unrecognizably. It is hard for me to imagine that 10,000 years from now, barring some unexpected global cataclysm, we will still be two-legged mammals. We will probably be highly decentralized and tightly integrated creatures, able to control millions of mobile platforms at the same time, living mostly in virtual/augmented reality, merging our minds within a single network propagating through thousands of star systems.
  • BarnardotBarnardot 377 Pts   -  
    @ZeusAres42 Well I think it is totally right because when we analize it in the end were all going to be transhumans in the end. Just look at how we dont even need to reproduce with a doolie and a fish bucket any more because we can do it better with test tubes so that trannies can just walk in to a baby center and order a baby.
    case in point is the point that look at all the races all homogenizing so that eventually we will all be one color any way.

    So if you transpose that theory on to sex evolution then one day every one will be a trannie and we wont have any more fights between men and woman because we are all on the same page and not on Venis and Mars any more.
  • jackjack 314 Pts   -   edited September 18

    While all the current talk surrounding Transhumanism sounds great in theory
    Hello Z:

    What, per chance, is humanity transiting to?  Dogs?  Bears?  Bacteria??  Nahhhh...  It's transiting to robots.  And I, personally, would prefer to REMAIN human.  But, that's just me.

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