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February 2018 Tournament

2 days and 23 hours remaining

Until Round 2

  • Status: Round 1

  • Description: It's's first tournament! The tournament will consist of 8 Debaters who will Debate a range of topics.

    Round 1 - Traditional Formal Debate (24 hours per round | 3 rounds)
    Semi-Final - Lincoln-Douglas Formal Debate (24 hours per round)
    Final - Traditional Formal Debate (1 hour per round | 3 rounds)

    Topics for Debates will be randomly chosen.

    Votes will be cast by users.

    If a tie takes place, then the deciding vote will be cast by @aarong (administrator/founder of If a Debate is forfeited, then the user who forfeited the Debate will be eliminated from the tournament.

  • Participants: SomeOne234, Pogue, Islander507, Ampersand, WilliamShulz, Eyes2See, Fascism, agsr

  • Rules: General Rules

  • Prize: 50 Points, "Tournament Winner" Badge, 2 Months Free Premium Membership

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