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  • 'I am not a racist': Trump responds to reported 'sh'thole' comment

    CYDdharta said:
    Trump was whining about having immigration from Africa etc and at the end quipped “why can’t we have more immigration from white countries” That and his “Nazis are fine people” and his many other racists outburst like how Mexicans are rapeists and his hiring of white supreme it’s his retweeting of white supremistist etc etc etc tell us clearly that he is a racist. Stop denying reality you aren’t fooling anyone.
    I see you're busy making up crap again.  If it weren't for making up lies, would you have anything to post?
    Oakchairbc is not making this stuff up. Why do you deny quotes?
  • Abortion is a thing. LET'S DEBATE ABOUT IT!

    here is the argument that i posted on my own debate about abortion:

    I think that, from a moral and ethical standpoint, Abortion is disgustingly wrong. It is essentially the murder of a human life for the convenience of the mother. 
    It is interesting to me, when i walk around protests i see pictures of abortions, and i think, "why would they just shove these in my face?" Nobody wants to see that. However this is how people would treat pictures of slavery in the 1800's. This connection is interesting enough because the argument in favor of abortion is exactly the same as the argument for slavery, exactly the same. "Your black, your on my property, you are my property i decide if you are a life or not" , "your a fetus, your in my body, i decide if your a life or not". Do you see the correlation?  History repeats itself and it is our job, as the american people to put and end to immoral and unethical evils that time and time again find its way into legality.
    I will now debunk several common pro choice arguments.

    1. It is just a bundle of cells
    Technically they are right, it is just a bundle of cells, however that is essentially what a human is, a bundle of cells. So i don't exactly understand what they are trying to prove here. I have seen many pregnant woman over the years and that bump is not a simple bundle of cells, it is a living breathing human being.

    2.reproductive choice gives woman power over their own bodies
    first of all, if you really had power over your own bodies, you wouldn't have had sex in the first place, unless you are a rape victim which i will explain later. Second, the baby is not part of your body just because it is in it, just like a person is not a slave just because they are in your property. Now back to the case of rape. Rape victims account for less than 1% of all abortions annually. That is an extremely marginal case. There are several programs to help this extremely marginal and unfortunate group (,
    outside of the case of rape, abortion cases, ironically are mostly women who cant control their bodies and have irresponsible sex.

    3. It is a constitutional right
    contrary to the roe v wade mishap. the actual constitution does not give woman the power to kill babies (

    In conclusion to my opening statement, Abortion is a violation of everyone's right to live, and even though pro choice people tell you that pro choice is pro woman, abortion is the single greatest cause of female deaths annually (pew research), Feminists use the veil of gender equality to push their political agenda, defaming the original idea of feminism and calling everyone who disagrees with their ideas a sexist racist bigoted homophobic hater
  • Should Military Spending Be Increased?

    In this round, I will rebut your points up until now and introduce some new ideas in Round 3:

    "The military should be expanded and maintenances which requires increased or high military spending."

    The problem here is that our military is the most expanded in the world, and using my previous source, we outspend nations by 3 times over! Some people may argue that we need to stay ahead, and evolve with our technology. However, our current situation is not dire and we already have the equivalent of WMD's. We are one of 8 nations with such nuclear capabilities, so we already have established dominance over other second-world nations.

    "The military is required to protect the United States’s citizens."

    This is true, however, this states a goal or overarching concept behind the military. Any military in the world is supposed to protect its citizens, however, the amount of military spending it takes to do so varies. In our case, we already have protection from the military and we are not in conflict as of now. Therefore, military spending should be lowered or fluctuated with the times.

    3) "Military may be leverage in some situations or deals."

    This is probably your best point this far. While the force or might of a military can come from increased spending, according to, "This is where skeptics will point out — and rightfully so — that you can’t compare one country’s military spending to that of another without accounting for the country’s size and economic capacity — not to mention differences in labor, materials and production costs."

    Let's break down this quote. This means that military spending has nothing to do with leverage or deals, it more depends on the economics that give troops and soldiers morale and therefore, more leverage considering the impact or effect they had in battle, not the spending it took to do so.

    "Military spending should be increased during every or most fiscal years, but especially increased during high tensions or wars."

    While military spending might rightfully increase during times of war, it should only be during times of war because that is when we need our men and women the most. Anytime else, they hang around and protect our borders, which doesn't require nearly as much money as people think 600 Bn. should be used for. Rather, the income should fluctuate, up during times of war, down during times of peace.

    "The United States has to have higher military spending then other countries such as Russia, China, etc. , because the US may help other countries and could be involved internationally."

    I will leave you with one question here, Is it our job to be the world's policemen when most issues in the world don't directly deal with us? The answer, is clearly no. That only makes us seem paternalistic to other nations and does not improve our foreign relations. Do other nations want Big Daddy America to decide decisions for their country when they are perfectly capable by themselves? 

    I now pass on the argument, I will bring up some new points in the last round.
  • Will Republicans Lose Senate And House of Representatives Majority In 2018?

    Do you believe that the GOP will lose their Senate and House of Representatives majority in 2018?
  • Opinions on Trump

    Sure, but are promises really worth it? I admire the fact that he actually started building the wall like he promised, but building a wall isn't really a good idea to start with. 
  • Opinions on Trump

    I believe that Trump is a great president who is fulfilling his promises.
  • 'I am not a racist': Trump responds to reported 'sh'thole' comment

    The only credible defense to Trump being a racist would be the "I'm simply an A-hole" defense, meaning he's just nasty to everyone, not necessarily to people of particular races.  If he shifts to that defense then I might just believe him.  Otherwise, as long as he is using the "I didn't say that" type of defense I think he has no credibility at all.
  • Is it All that Difficult to Enter the Middle-Class or Above in the Current US System?

    No, the middle class should be easy to enter if you have a good education and good job.
  • Is Nazism a Statistically Relevant/Significant Concern in the Modern World?


    Exactly where does Nazism exist in today's society?  I know we have neo-nazis and there's dwindling number of white supremacist groups out there...but I haven't seen or heard about a Nazi since Germany lost WWII.  So where exactly is this imminent threat that makes Nazism relevant in TODAY'S society?
  • Should Military Spending Be Increased?

    Do you believe that military spending should be increased?

    Opponent - @WilliamSchulz
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