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  • Was legalizing gay marriage a good decision?

    People should be allowed, But when they got what they wanted, They wanted more.  Example: Bathrooms for gays.  Like really? Give em an inch, And they take 5. 
  • Corporate tax cut vs Increase in National Debt

    @therep;- it's good to note that there are people who can see the ''big picture''.
    One well known example of a multinational corporation relocating;- Ralph Lauren had the sports clothing for the United States Olympic athletic team  ''MADE IN CHINA''
    Tax revenue to the Government;==ZERO, NIL, the big O. 
    Smart government tax laws?????
    Domestic companies don't have the same options as the multinationals and have to, theoretically, 'toe the line' when it comes to all government taxes.
    I use the term theoretically because if a small to medium businesses decide that they are being milked by the government they will use their ingenuity to develop ways, illegal ways, to reduce their declared profit.
    The methods which these companies could, and most certainly do use is to allocate the personal expenditure of directors, i,e, social evenings,= promotional client entertainment, personal vehicle costs= charging personal fuel usage to the company, holidays,=business travel, the list of potential loopholes is endless.
    Few companies become involved in the skullduggery of tax evasion, but as company owners are human they kick when they feel they're being taken for suckers, which Obama did so they fight back.
    The morons in all walks of life arrive at the wonderful idea that all they have to do to solve a shortfall in revenue/profit is to apply an increased % to their products/services/taxes, and, hey presto, problem solved.
    Wrong, people will simply stop buying from that source and go elsewhere to more competitively priced outlets and companies will work their way around extortionate tax hikes.

  • Does Donald Trump Deserve to be President?

    Donald Trump satisfied the established requirements for achieving a victory in the Presidential Election...there are no additional requirement needed nor has there been any new standards created that he did not meet.  Therefor by definition YES, Trump does deserve to be President. 
  • Does Donald Trump Deserve to be President?

    as a person? sure why not. politically? nah, it wasn't a fair process. then again it rarely is.
  • My undocumented friend: Carlos does the work few in Vermont want to do

    @nato_baro, that is very humbling feedback and thank you for joining us on the Island...
    regarding Carlos, it is sad that liberals are making this issue about being "a good person" instead of looking at the core issue of it being illegal and having a serious financial burden on American tax payers.
    I am not saying lets immediately start mass deportations, or argue against immigration in general, but tolerating illegal actions are just not fair to American tax payers (I am sure that Carlos is a great person..maybe)
  • Showdown looms as Trump demands funding for wall on U.S.-Mexico border

    Sen Ted Cruz has just introduced the El Chapo Act, which would use $14 billion in forfeited drug proceeds from the Sinaloa drug cartel to help fund the wall.

  • What is your political party?

    I wait until an election is imminent then appraise how the party in power performed during it's tenure  and then study the manifestos of all those in the running.
    Blind, unwavering tribal politics can be very dangerous as people can vote traditionally without having any idea what's contained in the ''small print''.
  • What is your political party?

    This quiz helps to determine political party based on your answers
  • Barack Obama steps back into public spotlight: 'So what's been going on?'

    Well, sounds like ex President, ''inertia'' Obama ( the ''ex'' has a lovely ring to it) is doing what he's best at, talking.
    The great orator will always have an admiring audience of those who cannot distinguish between ''talkers'' and ''doers''. 
    The smooth oily tones of Obama delivering one of his well rehearsed speeches will have the easily led naive students agape in awe at the meaningless rhetoric of a  narcissist who 'sleepwalked, and hypnotically talked'' Americans into the series of crises which President is now courageously addressing.
    While Rome burned Nero fiddled, and while America was being overrun by illegal immigrants, scoffed at by our enemies and taken advantage of by our so called trading partners, Obama gave ego boosting speeches. 
    Obama got a free ride on the back of the greatness of the American nation, but the time has come to pick up the pieces of his disastrous tenure and face the music.

  • Disapproval of Trump Grows in Latest Poll, WSJ - Do you agree?

    The poll also shows that Trump would beat Hillary if the election were held today; not electorally the way he won this past November, but by popular vote.  Considering the poor state of Democrats and their party, she may well be the best candidate they can come up with in 2020.


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