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  • Reddit Politics - Is Reddit Politics good for online debating?

    Reddit Politics

    sub Reddit is arguably the highest volume site for discussing politics.  Reddit r/Politics site has over 8.3 million subscribers with over 8 thousand online users.

    But does it make

    Reddit Politics

    the best place to discuss and debate politics?

    Based on my experience, I will argue against it.
    1) It is difficult to have a meaningful debate on

    Reddit Politics

    , as the sub discussions quickly take you away in many directions. It is not clear what the actual consensus is, as unlike DebateIsland there is no voting on actual options.
    2) Chances are you will quickly get insulted and will have to deal with hate, vulgar language, or ignorance.  The reason we want to debate is not to get insulted, but for a civilized political discussion. I hope you have strong self esteem to survive ongoing personal attacks on Reddit Politics
    3) Moderators and Reddit Politics spam filters ofter filter comments or postings based on complex rules. Some of the other Reddit Politics sub Reddits like Neutral Politics are much more civilized, but are so extremely moderated that a submission is like passing SATs.
    4) From my experience Reddit Politics is decisively anti-Trump. I saw many posts and comments down voted just for expressing a supportive opinion towards anything positive for Trump actions. Similarly, silly anti-Trump comments got many upvotes on Reddit Politics.
  • Debate Website

    Debate Website

    Does it make sense to debate on a dedicated debate website, or participate on other online channels?

    I will argue that using a debate website, especially, is the way to go vs other channels.

    I really enjoy DebateIsland, but questions often comes up when I tell others about it.
    Why can't you just use Reddit, Facebook, or Quora?
    Debate website or casual debate website?

    These are all valid questions. I will address each question below as part of my argument.

    Debate Website vs Reddit

    There is already a debate regarding using Reddit politics for debating.  
    Consensus is that using Reddit politics sub Reddit is not good for debating.
    Similar argument applies to Reddit in general.  While Reddit has lots of traffic, the branches are often distracting and not a good way to vote or see summary without reading all comments. 
    It is not as good a debate website for debating on a specific topic.
    Unlike debateIsland Reddit often has hateful comments and vulgar language. For many sub Reddits it is over-moderated and for some just the opposite.
    Vote: Debate Website

    Debate website vs Facebook or Twitter

    The main concern for using FB or Twitter is that you lose anonymity. Most people will not feel comfortable including every comment and debate on their Facebook feed.
    Debate websites allow you to create a separate profile that's not tied directly to your actual name. 
    Vote: Debate Website

    Debate Website vs Quora

    Quora is good for answering a question, but it is not really good for debating a question with a back and forth interaction.
    Vote: Debate Website

    Casual Debate website vs Formal Debate Website

    I categorize debate websites such as, as more formal websites. I feel that the audience on those sites in many cases just come to argue, not conduct a meaningful debate.  
    There are 2 debates specific to this topics,
     but in general there is consensus towards DebateIsland for casual debating vs formal debate of

    1) - Debate if users should switch to DebateIslandVote: Debate Website

    So in summary, my argument is that a debate Website, and preferably a casual debate website is the preferred method for debating online.
  • illegal immigration debate

    Ever since President Reagan gave amnesty to 2 million illegal immigrants; he made it very clear the border was to be protected and the Federal Immigration law was to be enforced, but our government let us down over and over again. Now, look at where we are at; we have over 11 million illegal immigrants and who knows how many have committed a crime against US Citizens or people who are here illegally or legally to be come a citizen.

    It is very frustration living in a State and City who thinks they are above enforcing Federal Immigration Laws; however, if choose to break a law we pay for the crime and so should each of these politicians think they can just pick an choose which laws to abide by. Too many people are being hurt and they just protect these illegal immigrants over actual people who are trying to abide by the law. They say they are protecting all of their citizens, but they are not. We are a nation of immigrants; however, we are nations of laws.

    I heard what happened to the 14 year old girl who was raped and one of the guys was an illegal immigrant - he needs to be deported. Families have lost loved ones and had their families broken up by illegal immigrants who murdered a son, a daughter, a sister, a father, a mother, and so forth. Yes, they are so concerned about breaking up families where an illegal immigrant committed a serious crime? I just don't get it!

    It will be difficult to decide who will be deported after the illegal immigrants who committed crimes. I personally think, the Federal Government will need to find out how long they have been here (like more than 8 years) and they have to pay a fine, get a green card to get a job, and they have to work to become a citizen. I also believe if they do not want to give up their allegiance to their country than they can take their family and go back home. This is what people do when they become a citizen and it is in our constitution.

    The wall needs to be built and the border needs to be enforced...this needs to happen first before starting to deport unless we know for sure someone did commit a crime.

    I love my country and I would want people who immigrate here love this country as well and assimilate to our values and culture; however, they can definitely have their culture as well. America is about customs.
  • Mexican-American student designs video game putting players in migrants’ shoes. Thoughts?

    I agree with @agsr. ; A game like this showing people what its like trying to get here illegally is like Saint's Rows showing with its like to be a gang member. 
  • Is SNL taking it too far insulting President Trump?

    SNL hasn't been worth watching since Eddie Murphy left.
  • Is SNL taking it too far insulting President Trump?

    Yes, what they are doing is absolutely going too far. This is the president, now it not just Teump, but President Trump.
  • Is SNL taking it too far insulting President Trump?

    Yes, i do think they are taking it too far.  I had enough of their stupid jokes.  Its time to move on.
  • Is SNL taking it too far insulting President Trump?

    i dont know about you, but i am sick of snl making fun of President Trump.  Its disrespectful and they are putting negative messages and poisoning people's minds.  He is our president and i think its about time they move on to something else. Its really not funny anymore.  I think they should be cancelled if they continue to disrespect trump in the future.
  • Should Canada close its borders to avoid illegal immigrants due to Trump effect?

    No, but we should make sure anyone crossing from the US into Canada can't come back.  Anyone who can't tolerate a president being fairly elected and governing legally is un-American and were a much better country without them.
  • pro life or pro choice?

    I rather support the life of the babies than think it's okay to murder one.

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