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Should Euthanasia be banned?

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Should Euthanasia be banned? Persuade me for no or yes
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  • AlfredChanAlfredChan 35 Pts   -  
    My stand would be that euthanasia should not be banned.

    Based on the definition from (, euthanasia is:
    1) putting to death painlessly
    2) as by withholding extreme medical measures
    3) of a person/animal 
    4) suffering from an incurable/painful condition

    Although I do not claim to be an expert on the matter of euthanasia, I am aware that there are several methods currently employed for euthanasia. They include: lethal injections, prescription drugs, terminal sedation (combined with starvation and dehydration) or even gassing (carbon monoxide). 

    Euthanasia should not be banned altogether but measures should be put in place to prevent its abuse. Abuse in the sense where the above-mentioned methods may be also employed for intentional suicide (due to curable mental disorders for instance). Also, abuse can also be in the form of homicide (whereby homicide in this case has no relation to "compassionate homicide" as defined by Uruguay, but instead willful murder). 

    In addition, euthanasia should not be banned as long as the above 4 parts to the definition of euthanasia are met. 
    1) the death should not cause pain, or more pain than what the person/animal is currently in
    2) it is acceptable to withhold extreme medical measures because the person/animal is expected to have no capacity to decide for himself/herself/itself
    3) the legality of euthanasia should definitely be extended to humans as well (although some might argue that a human-being is also an animal
    4) death should be the only remaining option to avoid continued/prolonged suffering from the incurable/painful condition

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  • FascismFascism 344 Pts   -  
    In certain cases, euthanasia should be allowed. For example if a patient is terminally ill and is suffering. 
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