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Can the U.S.-North Korea summit be saved?

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Will the U.S.-North Korea summit occur?

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    Will It Occur On June 12 (as scheduled)?

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  • someone234someone234 647 Pts   -  
    Do not underestimate the importance of keeping people like Trump terrified. He has to learn that there are others out there willing to tear his throat out. Being American does not make you even a millimetre superior to others and people with this mentality WILL AND SHOULD GET PUT IN THEIR PLACE.

    I AM SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BE PROUD OF THEIR NATIONALITY. You are an Earthling just as I, just as North Koreans and both Kim Jong-Un and Trump are jingiostic maniacs but at least it's not just one nation so that others will put them in their place. I am sick of hearing this vile being Trump spew his hatred and I will enjoy, thoroughly to see him cower before the world. He's already begun to, it's so blatant from his speeches how broken down he is as a man.

    He is learning humility the hard way. You don't get to be arrogant with as few street smarts and utter stupidity to your points as Trump. I miss Obama, a lot. That guy was a god of Charisma and had arrogance and humility mixed so well.
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