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forget me not?
in Science

By maxxmaxx 251 Pts
senility. Older people can lose their ability to assimilate sudden sensory information, and this is why they begin to forget what are attempting to do. hence,  they  get up to go do something in another room and once they are in the room, they are so overwhelmed by a completely new set of sensory input; new sights, smells and sounds and in attempt to try to process it all, they put everything else into the background including as to why they came into the room in the first place. what do you think  of this idea as to why older people forget so much due to when they begin to lose the ability to process information as quickly as they used to do?

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  • @maxx this is bbecause every solid object will start to wear off or become slower so for humans their brain processes slower. When machines get too old there battery may go down quickly simply because of what I said.
  • maxxmaxx 251 Pts
    perhaps you may wish to restate that in different terms and words. are you attempting to state that we become senile because our brains wear out?  \or perhaps our thinking process simply gets tangled? i think it is a wearing down of the senses @RS_master
  • The whole walking into the room thing already happens to me, and I'm 16, so....
    "We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." 
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