If I support Trump, am I a closet Racist?

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Why so many polls predicted that Hillary Clinton will win, and then the ballots showed something very different? Is it because voters were afraid to tell anyone that they support Trump and his politically incorrect views? Were voters too afraid to tell anyone at work, collegues, etc that they support Trump not to be percieved as a racist? Does it make more than half of the country racists? Speak your true voice on, and tell us what you really think. Unless of course you are a racist and used your real name as user id, in which case you may want to tell us that you support Hillary and ex-Obama administration.
  1. Are Trump supporters racists

    70 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I support Hillary and ex-Obama administration, and user my real name as user id on this site

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  • If being racist means protecting american way of life and wanting to have middle class Americans achieve American Dream, then yes, I think so.
  • Yes, that explains the polls vs ballots phenomenon. The fact is that Trump is targeting muslims and that in my opinion is racist.
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  • I respectfully disagree with comments from Ale5 and inc4r. I support President Trump and I am not a racist. Trumps actions regarding immigration are not targetting a specific race or religion. It is targetting a specific list of high risk countries that happen to be in a certain region of the word. Trump's actions regarding Mexico are not racist either. It is addressing the issue of illegal immigration. The fact is that we have illegal immigrants of all races, and therefore I do not believe that it is a racist issue, but protectionist. Many of us are either immigrants ourselves, or first generation americans. We know what it means to work hard and be privilliged to be part of this country.
    When issue of protectionism and racist gets intertwined we start making incorrect assumptions that Trump's supporters are racists.
  • They are not, the supporters want to make America Great Again not full of drugs.
  • Trump supporters are not closet racists to any extent. As the other debater said, they want to make America great again. Not many want illegal immigrants, Terorists, drugs, weapons pouring into the country. If this continues to happen it may be to late to make America the way it once was.
  • Trump supporters are racist.
  • Trump supporters want to ban muslims and Mexicans due to stereotypes. That's racist.
  • No, they are not racists to any extent.
  • I believe that they are bot racists.
  • No, you are not.
  • kakakksa_1911, It is not about banning muslims and Mexicans based on stereotypes, but based on the fact of not turning blind eye to illegal immigration, citing examples how at the same time there is sufficient evidence how that is causing harm to our country. In the case of Muslims, it is more about specific measures against specific 7 countries that happen to be mostly Muslim, but where Trump believes (with sufficient evidence) that they harbor terrorists that otherwise sould flow into our country. Protectionist policy is often consufed with racism, but we need to look at the facts please.
  • No, they are not.
  • Yes, Trump supporters are racists.
  • Thats an interesting and highly controversial debate. I don't agree that Trump supporters are generally racists, but it is true that many will share Trump's views that are normally considered as politically incorrect. I agree with islander507 re confusion on racism vs protectionist policies. That is a fine line though and will remain a gray area.
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  • Trump supporters are not closet racists. Trump supporters may be much more educated than Clinton supporters and the protesters. Trump is trying to make America great again, people like you are trying to bring in illegal immigrants as well as Terorists. You probably don't even have a high school degree, like your fellow protestors and Clinton supporters.
  • Trump supporters are not racist.
  • Well, lansilo_user19 your comments are absolutely not backed up with any sort of evidence and simply full of "what trump says." I have a Masters in Business, probably unlike you and some Trump supporters. I am not a protester, and frankly part of the Republican Party. Due to the level Trump is at, I don't support him. Although, it was great Debating with you!

    Also, is the best debate website ever, it is literally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It going to tell all of my fiends and colleagues.
  • Lancilo_user19,
    I agree with your points regarding overall position, but lets not make direct accusations targeting lakix_10291 levels of education.
    I do think that Trump supporters are not trying to keep away immigrants because of their race, and would feel the same way if these illegal or dangerous immigrants would be all white. So I reinforce my position that Trump supporters are not racists.
  • I do not agree, Trump supporters are racist in some ways.
  • No, Trump supporters want to make America great again.
  • Trump supporters are not racist.

    You are making a good point that we should respect your view, and I completely agree re your comment about - it rocks.
    I do think that you are making too general of an argument also that Trump supporters are racists. I simply disagree with that point. Many Trump supporters are not against people of other races, but just have a protectionist view - very different

  • null
    As islander507 said, they are nit racist.
  • Great turnout for this debate. 65% disagree that Trump supporters are racists.
  • Good debate, and I concur with majority that Trump supported are generally not racists.
  • Yes, Trump supporters are. Their beliefs are extremely controversial and simply racist to a very high level.
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