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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Showdown looms as Trump demands funding for wall on U.S.-Mexico border

Opening Argument

ale5ale5 226 Pts
Trump wants funding to be included in a spending measure that would keep the government open past April 28, a determined effort that has prompted a possible standoff with lawmakers in both parties, who hope to avert a federal closure next weekend.

  1. Is Trump right?

    10 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • yes, Trump is correct. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped.
  • PinoPino 82 Pts
    Will it be a rerun of the Davy Crockett vs Santa Anna 1836 Battle of the  Alamo?
    Must go into my attic and dig out my old rusty flintlock and Davy Crockett hat.
    The illegal immigrants are spawned in Mexico and it's therefore the responsibility of the Mexican government to create an economy in which Mexican citizens can prosper and live a healthy and happy life.
    If the Mexicans are incapable of creating a flourishing economy it is an unacceptable liberty for them to use the United States of America as a cesspit into which they can drain their gangsters, drug runners, pimps, rapists, muggers, and their over abundance of life's losers. 
    Those days must be over.
    Mexico must be made to deal with their own low lives and stop shipping them here. 
    All the sanctimonious nonsense about, our nation was founded on immigrants, is a total red herring.
    The immigrants of yesteryear came here legally to ply their trades and professions and pay their just and lawful taxes. 
    The Latino illegals are parasites who leech the wealth from our relatively thriving economy and stable government and put zilth back in again.

  • Sen Ted Cruz has just introduced the El Chapo Act, which would use $14 billion in forfeited drug proceeds from the Sinaloa drug cartel to help fund the wall.

  • randalrandal 64 Pts
    edited April 2017
    That's very interesting @CYDdharta . Didn't hear about that one yet. 
  • LogicLogic 236 Pts
    Yeah, He should deport Illegal immigrants.But come one now, A WALL!?! He just wants to separate humanity, More than it already is. 
  • Yes, it was very well ok the strategic aspect.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Trump repeatedly said Mexico was paying for the wall=no tax dollar funding. If the Cruz idea can be passed then I say have at it. @Pino Some of your statements don't completely hold up factually. 1. Most immigrants (Mexican or otherwise are not rapist, drug runners, muggers etc.                        2. You make it sound as if the immigrants who founded​ this country were all law abiding choir boys which is far from true. The founding immigrants came here and took this land from Native Americans and put them on reservations while raping and killing many in the process. That is not so innocent and to say otherwise is just false. 
  • PinoPino 82 Pts
    '@tneagle;- Whilst the original W.A.S.P.S, were legal immigrants there is no doubt that there were many low life criminals among their ranks, but in the main they were pioneering settlers whose skills, innovation, self reliance work ethic, patriotism and adventurous, spirit made America the greatest nation on earth.
    They established the laws and constitution upon which the the United States of America is founded.
    In contrast and insofar that the meaning of the term  'illegal' is;-  'contrary to, or forbidden by law', these people are by definition, criminals and have no loyalty to America.
    At best they're only here to leech on the economy and at worst they commit some of the vilest crimes imaginable. 
    Their criminality is compounded by their employers who cannot pay their due taxes to the government,( as they're not supposed to be here in the first place) and those self employed criminals enrich themselves by trading in the lucrative market of the U.S., again without contributing anything back into the economy by way of paying their corporation taxes in the same way all legitimate companies do. 
    I attest that the Mexicans have a significant disproportionately high % of criminals and organised crime bosses such as drug importers/dealers along with their usual outrageous acts of criminality as outlined in my first response to this thread. 
    Please forgive me if I point out that I find very puzzling your motivation for attempting to rationalize the  illegal Mexican presence, (all of whom to a greater or lesser extent are criminals), in this country by ''reasoning''?? that they're not all rapists, muggers, pimps, gangsters, people traffickers to be bizarre. 
    I wonder if your noble acceptance of these criminals would remain if you or any of your loved ones were to fall victim to one or more of their brutal crimes. 
    There is no doubt that we have plenty of our own homegrown criminals but that is a separate issue and does not form any part of this thread, nor does it justify the importation of even more low lives. 
  • Most of the pioneering settlers were all those great things you said and more but I was just pointing out they were not innocent either. They did in fact kill Indians and our government put what was left of them on to reservations. Now technically one could certainly argue they are not criminals since there were no laws to be broken when they arrived but it was not all sunshine and rainbows either because the settlers did in fact take land by force that was not ours and make it into the country we love today.
            I was not rationalizing or accepting anything​ but was giving pushback to the claim that their all just low lives here with bad intentions. Many are here for the same reasons the settlers came here and that is in hopes of a better life. Let me assure you I would be equally as pissed and sad if one of these criminals killed someone I love as I would if a white us citizen did. @Pino
  • Yes, @tneagle , I agree.
  • PinoPino 82 Pts
    edited April 2017
    @tneagle ; I've already accepted that the original European settlers were not all made from sugar and spice and everything nice, but their presence in the ''the new world'' was legal.
    Let me use a light-hearted oxymoron, whatever crimes they committed that did so legally, ha.
    My attestation that all ''illegals'' are. by definition criminals has not been satisfactorily proven wrong.
    The ''illegals problem'' must be addressed and it must be addressed soon.
    The people have entrusted their security to the government of the day and maintaining the integrity of the border represents a significant component of this overall function.
    I feel that if the hard working illegals were to be granted an amnesty with legal employment status and registered to pay taxes that would help to resolve part of the problem.
    However, the criminal element must be identified, rooted out jailed and/or expelled.
    The ''appropriation'' of the land of the various primitive,warring  indigenous tribes was done so at a time in history when all the major European powers were empire building and the mistreatment of ''the natives'' was accepted as the norm.
    It's oh so easy for the sanctimonious to try to claim the moral high and judge the alleged sins of our fathers by today's more moralistic standards. 
    The days of us being able to absorb countless numbers of immigrants has come and gone and it is vital for the survival of our nation that this indisputable fact is recognised. 

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