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  •   0

    Are Cows Aerodynamic?

    in Science

  •   17

    Is God Omnipresent?

    in Religion

  •   0

    Do You Have Rhythm?

    in General

  •   124       Top Debate

    is violence and aggression inherent in humans?

    in Science

  •   0

    Does mental age define what you're mentally capable of doing?

    in General

  •   0

    Are We all faithful to Xmas?

    in Global

  •   0

    Would Jesus, the Bringer of Light, condemn Yahweh for his mass murders?

    in Religion

  •   57

    Is Chess a real sport?

    in Sports

  •   183       Top Debate

    Abortion isn't okay no matter what

    in News

  •   1

    How Prevalent is AI?

    in Philosophy

  •   0

    Have you ever run across a new word, looked it up, and found out it's used EVERYWHERE??

    in Books

  •   49

    Do We Need Any More Proof?

    in General

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