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  • The U.S. Constitution should never be changed.

    The U.S. constitution shouldn’t be changed due to it being a foundation for the U.S.
  • Is the government the biggest organized crime agency in America?

    There is a lot of merit to parallels of government and organized crime.  At the end of the day the tax collection and mandatory financial obligations is what makes both so similar.  The shakedown of working folks for tax dollars that's wasted by government ineffeciencies is stuttering 
  • Is Atomism an accurate way to ascertain the nature of reality?

    I would say any theory of thought which excludes a possibilities isn't a good tool for discovery.

    I would take the Scientific Method over Atomism.
  • Does a Higher Being Exist?


    That leaves 'God' undefined, and the awnser unknowable. There's not enough context to the question being asked.
  • Is the bible the most immoral book ever written ?

    Is the bible the most immoral book ever written ?

    The bible is a truly despicable book which has a god who commands in his name abortion , infanticide , child abuse , misogyny, pestillance , famine ,drought , child sacrifice etc ,etc , it's a truly horrendous book that most Christians haven't read yet claim it's the word of a loving god and its possibly the most immoral b
  • Should we humanely kill the starving in third world Countries?

    Is english not your first language? You after all don't seem able to understand the language even when given dictionary definitions?
  • What if America...

    The Illuminati is no longer based out of Egypt. This idea isn't going to work. EU would defeat Russia.
    He was not saying that Russia would win. He was just saying that in this war, that is conventional, with these circumstances (except for China not controlling the Russian-Asian territory), who would win?  
  • Should we humanely kill the starving in third world Countries?

    Dee said:


    “You claim relied on your definition of obese being the sole correct one and as shown with evidence to back me up rather than just the silly claims you make - you're wrong.”

    “That you repeat such claims multiple times when you've already been proven wrong and can offer no evidence - even when asked to provide it multiple times - is somewhat bizarre, as is your defensiveness when someone points this our . Are you a very fat person yourself?”

    Your claim was fatties = obese you were corrected and now you’re sulking , my definition is correct and destroyed your assertions 

    That I corrected you so many times when I’ve proven you  wrong and can offer no evidence - even when asked to provide it multiple times ....... you’re incredibly annoyed at your weight issues and your anger would be best directed to maybe hitting the treadmill 
    , are you very , very fat = obese ? 

    Correcting me would involve making an actual point rather than just delusional thinking.

    You won't accept dictionary definitions as the real definitions of words and even then you can only argue with semantics and trying to repeat my statements as if they were your own.

  • Was it wrong for Trump to congratulate Putin?

    Wise or not wise, it was ultimately pointless because the results were fixed.
  • Was it wrong for Trump to congratulate Putin?

    Considering both recent news regarding the poisoning of an ex-spy, which resulted in the expulsion of Russian diplomats from England, and less recent news regarding their interference in our presidential campaign, I’d say it was a very poor choice to a) contact Putin and congratulate him over a victory that was basically assured anyway (and not just as a result of his popularity - Putin doesn’t exactly run clean elections []), and b) to publicly announce that he had done this and that, at no point in their conversation nor at the planned meeting thereafter, did he address either of the above issues.

    @melef and @kmelkevolution17, what, precisely, do we get from better relations with Putin and Russia? We’re associating ourselves with a pseudo-dictator who has gone out of his way to support actual dictators like Assad who have committed substantial war crimes. Doing that harms our image, and it damages our relationships with our current allies.

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