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  • We live on a flat plane

    Welcome back @fea!
  • We live on a flat plane

    Erfisflat said:
    "but the horizon is not visible at this height."

    Sure looks like the horizon to me. Are you suggesting all that is just atmosphere? 
    He first implied that gas disproved it, now the fact we just can't disproves it.
  • We live on a flat plane

    @DawnBringerRiven So the reason we don't see curvature at that height is just because we can't?... I happily accept your concession.

    "What picture of Rahu? I already addressed a video of it and you still have not addressed my rebuttal to that video. What difference would it make if addressed a picture if I have already addressed an alleged video of it"

    A baseless theory about the video is not a rebuttal. Before you ramble on about images of a globe, well I already got that covered. You were first implying that Gas disproved the airplane picture, now the fact that its in the air disproves it?

    Which is not only a gish gallop, but a red herring and frankly... I feel like you're trolling.

    Edit: @Coveny thanks for the heads up, I specially designed my profile picture based on my experience with you, how does it look? What do you think of it @Erfisflat
  • We live on a flat plane

    The picture of the atmosphere? Whether it is real or faked, it still proves and disproves nothing. It's a gas. The shape of the atmosphere does not have to be the same as the shape of its contents (e.g. land and the ocean). Even if the atmosphere is completely pizza flat, the earth can still be spherical, and vise versa.
    Also, I took the liberty to backwards search the second picture, and I have found that it is literally, a wall paper.

    So the the sky and ocean can be perfectly flat like this
    Image result for 200 proofs the earth
    No. Flat does not mean two dimensional, if it did that would mean you are arguing that Earth is as flat as this picture. A flat shape can have things inside it, just like if you hallow out a flat cube or square or what have you, you can place objects inside it. I never specified the thickness of the atmosphere as it was only a hypothetical scenario meant to be used as an example.
    Image result for 317000 feet

    but the Earth can be a big ol ball? I thought we were able to see curvature at 35,000 feet, but none at 317,000 feet.
    35,000 feet you can still see the landscape and horizon. At 317,000 feet, you cannot see the land this way. The curvature you are speaking of relates to the horizon, but the horizon is not visible at this height.
    And you aren't even trying to address the picture of Rahu I sent you, and are you saying Gas means the image above this proves nothing or that that is why Rahu appears which would make my earlier sentence incorrect, because either way ROFL wow... just wow. Are you conceeding now?
    What picture of Rahu? I already addressed a video of it and you still have not addressed my rebuttal to that video. What difference would it make if addressed a picture if I have already addressed an alleged video of it?

    Again, I had to spend an entire comment correcting your misconceptions on my wording. I hope the debates between us do not end up being 80% me correcting your misconceptions of my arguments and only 20% of actual debate relating to the topic.

  • What do you think of Conspiracy theories?

    I think the majority of conspiracy theories are ridiculous and can have a negative effect in that, by utilising the most far-fetched of factors and scenarios, we might not notice when much more likely and realistic actual conspiracies are taking place, right under our noses.

    As for people that follow conspiracy theories, often referred to as 'conspiracy theorists' it would be more applicable top call them 'conspiracy fans' as the overwhelming majority just latch on to and perpetuate existing theories, rather than come up with any of their own.
    It's also worth noting that there is a pattern, nearly all conspiracy fans latch on to any and all conspiracy theories that come along, it's like a hunger for them rather than a conviction they have about any one theory. In some cases there are even unrelated conspiracy theories that contradict one another when compared (such as people saying we've never been to the moon, then claim that there's a colony living inside the moon conspiring alongside reptilian overlords).

     'Conspiracy fans', .. yes, there are them too, along with all the conspiracy debunkers hired by the 'conspirators' themselves, especially on the subject of the Flat Earth reality, because it 'reveals' hundreds of other conspiracies along with it.
    But are we to throw the baby out with the bath water?
    Oh no, we fight on, because we Truly Believe that over time, the truth wins out, and will eventually set us Free!

    What were up against:

    Money number one.
    The money that the conspirators have access to, I mean how could we simple working people go against well trained/schooled conspirators that have billions and billions of dollars a month at their disposal to keep the conspiracies from being revealed? Camouflage costs a lot, especially the good ones where we need them 'special glasses' to even notice the conspiracy.
    Next is Media: TV, Movies, the Internet, every store, every item is fabricated to defend, or hide the conspiracy. I mean it would be difficult for a Minister to stand at the podium and preach against the Mark of the Beast" while sipping on a Monster(r) drink.
    It's exactly like the movie "They Live" portrays, all in plain-sight. Without someone waking you up, we just keep on trotting as if nothing dangerous was going on. As if all was well.

    Who do you think is feeding these "conspiracy fans" starting with Tabloids like the National Enquirer, half truths mixed in with outragious stories about their own "Stars" who are gifted (and outrageously rewarded) in the art of deception!? The Reward these magicians get alone will shut up anyone trying to reveal the truth behind what they are really about!

    I believe the greatest conspiracy was classifying any revelation of true conspiracies with "conspiracy theories", and the person(s) doing it as; conspiratards, .. "tinfoil-hat wearing conspiratards" at that, who are to be mocked as soon as they mention any real ongoing conspiracy.

    Just how bad is it?

    Well, it is so bad, that even if a person like Eric Dubay who understands and can reveal every aspect of a conspiracy, he is still missing out on the "real reason" for the conspiracy. For instance, .. when Eric Dubay was asked on a internet/radio interview about; "What difference does it make to the ordinary working folk whether the Earth was a Globe, or Flat?"
    He answered: "Because knowing the Earth is flat debunks the BB theory, and reveals a Creator/God!"

    Do you know what Mr. Dubay's version of Creator/God is? The same one that the "Illuminated Ones" at NASA and CERN gives homage to, .. which is none other than Lucifer himself.

    So close, yet soooo far Mr. Dubay!

  • Convince me that God is not real

    THEDENIER said:
    By the way, about the chances of earth developing such amazing life, it is important that we are only asking these questions because earth has the ability to foster and create life. Billions, Trillions of worlds have no life. So of course if we say "what are the chances of a given world creating life?" they would be unbelievably small, but if we say "what are the chance that one world will create life?" then obviously, it becomes far larger due to the sheer number of planets in the universe. Our sample is obviously biased because on a world without life, no one is there to ask what the chances that their world can create life are.
    I think that the chances that an all powerful intelligent being that can manipulate the very laws of physics is less likely to pop into existence, then a bunch of rocks and balls of fire popping into existence. 
  • We live on a flat plane

    @DawnBringerRiven I ran into the "we don't accept pictures as proof unless it proves what we want" and the "science isn't to be trusted unless it's something we agree with" before. I wish you better luck getting through it than I had...
  • We live on a flat plane

    Those videos don't really show anything of value that would prove your point. If there was an actual barrier surrounded a flat Earth, it would be very easy to visit (as long as you had access to a suitable craft). Boats and cameras have been around for centuries, there should be hundreds of thousands of accounts of people reaching the barrier, paintings/tapestries/poems about it, not to mention the overwhelming amount of photographs there should be of it.
    Instead you're relying on videos of rockets gradually self destructing (rather than impacting on something) and sketchy conspiracy fan vids which deliver no goods. 

    With the antarctic treaty (which was created shortly after NASA was founded), civillians were effectively banned from Antarctica with the exception of carefully guided tours. But regardless there have been multiple accounts of an ice wall or dome. And do you have anything to say about the last one, besides "ura cunthpirici thurust"?

  • We live on a flat plane

    Okay. So what exactly is the Flat Earth, if not a disk (meaning it would have an edge)? If we're talking about an infinite plane, then would this mean I can go straight forever? If it's an infinite plane, will I eventually reach my house if I choose one direction and go straight?
    Image result for Dome and firmament

    This is a dome, which is we travelers don't "fall off the edge all the time"

    Is that a real picture of the dome or CGI?

  • Christopher Columbus, national hero or not?

    Columbus discovered North America, but at the same time committed many horrible acts against Native Americans that were living there. I believe that the holiday should be replaced.

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