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  • Political Forum - users switching to Debate Island?

    Not meaning to necro, but it might help if their site had any functionality. I tried to join a while ago and it wouldn't even send out the verification email to multiple addresses. And of course there is no contact page and no real contact info on their WHOIS so they probably don't even know about it. After googling it seems I wasn't the only one who had that issue. So they are not even getting new people it seems like.
  • Justice league would beat the Avengers

    I think that Justice League would win just because they have a much stronger and more well rounded team then the Avengers/
  • Violence Solves Everything


    Great points, I'd also point out though that while I agree that Violence won't solve the crusade against cultural's still necessary to stifle, slow and in some cases stop all-together the violence against those who are focused on Harmony and cultural evolution.
  • Justice league would beat the Avengers

    General_Smiley In that case the flash could beet every member of the avengers except maybe the Halk because for some reason instead of dieing when he should he should he turns into the halk and Thor because he is a god. Is it possible to kill the Halk and Thor. I think the Justice League would win. They have the flash which could beet all of the Avengers before the battle started. They just have to beat the other team right. Because Thor and the Hulk could definitely be defited. Non of the other members of the Justice League even need to do a thing. Sorry for spelling. : )
  • Where do your Civil and Human Rights originate?

    Vaulk said:

    The U.S. is however, sovereign because of its citizens, but it's only the establishment of the rights of the people to overthrow their government should it become tyrannical that makes the citizens able to serve as the sovereign standing. 
    This is an implicit concession against your argument. It follows that a secular  government given power by the governed must also acknowledge the natural rights of the same. 

    The founders were heavily influenced by John Locke who rejected monarchy ruling by 'divine right' and endorsed the natural rights of every man. To suggest the founding fathers believed in rule by divine right of the masses rather than a king is not only dubious, but revisionist as well.
  • Where do your Civil and Human Rights originate?

    If I were to concede every word of the above, the proposition will remain unsubstantiated. The proposition goes far beyond one country and the opinions of its founders. By the same same reasoning it could be argued civil and human rights are derived from the monarchy of backwater kingdom based on the opinions of same. 

    Furthermore, the power of the US government is derived from the governed (not a god) as explicitly stated in the preamble of the Constitution (ruled by the courts as a reliable evidence for the founding father's intentions). The US government is sovereign because of its citizens.
  • There is objective morality

    Thies are definitions from 
    Objective: relating to or existing as an object of thought without consideration of independent existence â€”used chiefly in medieval philosophy
    This is one of the definitions and is the most promising.

    Morality: a doctrine or system of moral conduct

    Conduct: a mode or standard of personal behavior especially as based on moral principles

    Doctrine: a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief

    Principle: a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption

    I am not sure about this one. I don't think when you say objective you are taking about the medieval philosophy so a think no I cannot prove Morality can be Objective. 
  • McDonalds value meals a rip off: Should there be price controls on McDonalds?

    The price controls on fast food is the free market competition. If consumers buy the product enough that the company is earning money, then it is not priced too high.
    When it is priced too high, people will choose other options from competitors, and McDonalds will go out of business.
  • Burning the flag should be illegal.

    I doubt anyone would be having this argument if we were talking about the right to burn posters of MLK or billboards of the Civil Rights Movement...there would be an uproar over it and you'd starve before you found someone who wasn't a downright Racist willing to say that it's an exercise of freedom of speech.  For some reason though...burning the flag should be ok.

  • Is God Real?

    Nope said:
    PowerPikachu21 I am assuming you are taking about christian god. Not doing anything is arguable not malevolent. I would think god is able but not willing because god is God and that is the only way I can think bad things will happen. Not interfering in human matters in most cases not malevolent. Maybe he wan't us to take what we have learn from the bible and resolve are problems on are own. Is that not what the parent wan't for there child? (I am not a Christian)

    If you saw a child being tortured in an alley, and you knew for sure that you could easily stop it with no negative repercussions, would you say it is not malevolent for you to decide to ignore it and allow it to continue? How can you justify inaction here? Is the little girl supposed to just solve the problem of being dominated by an adult on her own?

    This is what an omniscient, omnipotent being does millions of times every day, in millions of different ways.
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