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  • if we get to Mars then beer will not be bad

    I belive that they should try improving beer on Earth, not Mars.
  • CBS News poll shows how Americans are evaluating Trump onmore than economy - Is this poll correct?

    Do you believe that this poll is correct?

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    Article -
  • MIG-23 is a terrible fighter. 

    The MIG-23 was shot down many times by Israeli F-16s and F-15s.  It is not a dogfighter, but a speeder.

    "Fast forward to today, and opinions of the MiG-23 are all over the spectrum. Former 4477th Squadron test pilots were afraid the engines would blow up or the aircraft would kill them. "

  • Do you like DACA?

    Do you want DACA to continue? Do you like DACA?
  • Time Travel to the Past is Possible

    What is time?

    Time is a human construct. 
    Time is how we regard and quantify the duration of events.
    Time does not exist, it is intangible, without dimension.
    An event which occurred in the past cannot be revisited, as it ceased to exist at its moment of completion.
  • The Las Vegas shooting was a hoax

    I think it's highly unlikely that it was a hoax. There were hundreds of eyewitnesses. In order for this to be a hoax, the majority of those eyewitnesses would need to be lying about what they saw. Considering that many of the witnesses were from all over the country to attend a country concert, it doesn't seem likely that even an exceptionally powerful organization would be capable of making all of these people lie. Additionally, there is a considerable amount of footage of the event, meaning that it's not likely that some videos were doctored and that nothing at all happened that night.

    It's easier to understand how this crime was possible as well. I've stayed in multiple LV hotels and they all have one thing in common -- they want you to be excessively happy and comfortable because this makes you spend money, which their business model relies on. There aren't metal detectors. They do not check your bags and they will not carry them for you if you don't want. Additionally, they are busy. If you come in with a suitcase you will not be noticed, you simply go to the elevator, show the guy your card, and head up to your room.

    So it's definitely feasible that a guy managed to get multiple, heavy suitcases over some time period to the elevator. But you're right, he's an old guy and weapons are heavy. This is where the elevator part is important -- elevators lift things for you. Further, heavy suitcases are easy to maneuver, because physics heavily influenced the design of the rolling suitcase. When you tilt a suitcase, the weight attempts to topple back over -- up until you have angled the suitcase correct. At this point, the weight is resting squarely on the wheels and no further lifting is involved. To pull a heavy suitcase over hard or thinly-carpeted floors is also very easy, as wheels provide little resistance to the ground. It's why you can put a heavy washer on a dolly and still move it around with ease.

    Next, hurricane proof glass is not bulletproof. It is designed to withstand the impact of medium size objects as well as heavy winds. In both cases, the force is distributed over a large area. Bullets are another matter -- their force is distributed over a small area. A few bullets and the glass has a large hole in it.

    Finally, people kill other people for no reason all of the time. Often there is no apparent motive. It should not be surprising to hear that a terrible crime was committed that wasn't in the name of something obvious.

    TL;DR: Orchestrating such a hoax is near impossible, given the amount of video and first-person testimonial. Pulling off the crime is very feasible. These hotels are not (were not) concerned with checking you for weapons, they are concerned with bleeding you dry. People commit awful crimes without an apparent motive on a regular basis. A crime is not automatically a hoax because the perpetrator didn't write "Death to Country Music Fans" in pig's blood on the wall.
  • Will The Iranian Government Be Replaced?

    @yolostide F*CK THE U.S

  • Myers-Brigg Personality Test: What is Your Personality Type?

    DrCereal said:
    The only point I was trying to make was that we shouldn't carry around meaningless letters to prove that we have some specific attribute.
    These letters don't define who you are; your actions do.
    I agree with you in part: we certainly shouldn't attribute too much meaning to the letters that pop out from the Meyers-Briggs test. The test is attempting to place us into one of 16 boxes based on 4 traits on a sliding scale using questions that aren't necessarily going to have clear answers. There's a lot of fault to be found in how this works. That being said, I don't think the letters are meaningless. There's value in providing some idea of what kind of thinker you are, even if doing so may be somewhat overgeneralizing. There's a reason the MBTI test is commonly used in workplaces - you're either functioning with a blank slate to start in your interactions with your coworkers, or you're starting with something that's at least partially meaningful. The error comes from treating the MBTI results as gospel, rather than as a basic starting point for understanding the mentality someone brings to their interactions.
  • Debate for BryanMullinsTh1: The Roast Game - Is it fact or fallacy?

    Here is my constructive for the debate. Before I begin, I would like to thank the readers for reading this and for showing interest in the debate. For all purposes, here are the two links that Bryan and two other people (me as one) had on the topic.

    Bryan and I :

    Bryan and yanagurl136 :

    As stated in my introduction, my job here is to argue that your questions are not correctly poised and that I'll need to disprove your premises. 

    First off, I need to disprove your premises and show why your argument is fallacy based. You ask a fair question about what is special about a holiday roast, to which the answer is ham, beef, or turkey. Right here, we have already established that if child eating was the main thing that they ate, they would either be A: lying or B: Telling the truth. We need to distinguish between the two in your second question, "Who do you think is special" to which the answer was children. The two answers here are true answers, so that can not make a lie as you state in your assumption. Just because we have A and B does not always make C. That would be like if I said "My house is tall and it has 3000 square feet, so I must be burning bodies in my basement." You see, it does not follow! This is in philosophy, a No Correlation and an Invalid argument based off of a false conclusion. The premises were true, but a false conclusion was drawn which invalidates the whole argument. This is what you are struggling with here. You have 2 premises, listed in your questions, but then you take your deductive format and make an obscure conclusion that is false. Nobody can see into the mind of the parent. If I was a parent, I would be freaking out because this dude thinks that I murder my children, which clearly can't be true. Why doesn't the question giver call the police, yet it is assumed that the family member answers tentatively or freaks out. Your invalid conclusion and evidence do not follow.

    Now I must show why your arguments have fallacies. I will list them as such with sources at the end my argument for each one. 

    Fallacy 1 - Appeal to probability: "a statement that takes something for granted because it would probably be the case or might be the case." This is essentially your argument, you think that because your Game might be true in exploiting liars, than it works in every case and is a fact that can be upheld, which it is not. 

    Fallacy 2 -  Affirming a Disjunct:  "concluding that one disjunct of a logical disjunction must be false because the other disjunct is true; A or B; A, therefore not B"  

    This is true in your case because when the family answers B, you automatically take it as a lie and take A, which is false to make a false conclusion, thus a fallacy. 

    Fallacy 3 -  Existential Fallacy: "an argument that has a universal premise and a particular conclusion." This is probably the best one of the bunch because "Who do you think is special" and "What do you eat at a Christmas Roast" are universal questions that can be answered differently by anyone, but you take a specific conclusion that families must be eating their children.

    Thank you for your time, here are the sources for the Fallacies: 

    Appeal to Probability: 

    1.  Leon, Joseph (23 April 2011). "Appeal to Probability"Logical & Critical Thinking. Archived from the original on 27 September 2013.
    2. Jump up^ McDonald, Simon (2009). "Appeal to probability"Toolkit For Thinking. Archived from the original on 19 February 2015.
    Affirming a Disjunct: 

    Wilson 1999, p. 316.

    Existential Fallacy: 

     Wilson 1999, p. 317.
  • Is The United Nations Needed?

    The United Nations is not needed for peace keeping and it’s current method of maintain global peace is not efficient and very expensive for multiple controls globally, especially the United States.

    Countries can communicate with each other and have more direct conversations for peace, etc. exciting Foreign policy can also be easier to an extent without the United Nations. When the Trump and the US decided to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the United Nations helps a vote where the majority of the countries in the UN voted against that move. Without the UN, the US could have had less conflict with other countries, etc. , because of the embassy.

    Small Nations can communicate with all or many nations including world powers without the UN or other organizations. They may also be able to build better and stronger relationships without the concocts which could come with the UN and it’s votes.

    Sources -
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